Hillary Suffering From Paranoia and is Delusional – What If She Had Won?

ELDER PATRIOT – During an interview earlier this week, Hillary Clinton made an absolute ass of herself by claiming that is the election had been held ten days earlier she’d be president today.

And the Atlanta Falcons would be Super Bowl Champions if the game were 57 seconds shorter.  Hillary has shown that she’s incapable of taking personal responsibility for the reasons that she lost.

That didn’t stop Kellyanne Conway from listing a few of those reasons in a tweet:

Blaming FBI Director Comey for investigating Wikileaks and Russia for exposing her decision to use a private server to send emails that contained Top Secret information doesn’t pass the smell test and never will. 

Still she may have survived had she turned the server over the FBI immediately and didn’t destroy at least 30,000 of those emails before scrubbing it to make forensic evaluation impossible.  Her actions only heightened the belief that she was corrupt and that she was hiding significant violations of federal law.

Blaming the hacking of the DNC was equally hard to countenance for unbiased observers.  She never denied any of the incriminating revelations that flowed from the Wikileaks’ DNC releases she only complained that her criminality and that of her closest associates had been exposed.

Hillary Clinton moaning that the last ten days tanked her chances of becoming president is proof that her campaign was based on pulling the wool over voters’ eyes.  It proves that the more voters learned about her the less they like her.

Hey Hillary, you should be thanking God that the election was held when it was and not ten days later.

Don’t you just love the way Kellyanne Conway drove a knife into Hillary and then turned it with her tweet?

From: Woman in the White House

Hillary you’ll best serve any legacy that may remain for you by just going away.  Half the population knew you were a nasty, corrupt bitch before the election.  Now you’ve removed any doubt from a large segment of the other half.

After listening to Hillary’s delusional screed, Joe Scarborough summed it up best and the panel agreed with him:

“Everybody that I have talked to, Democrats, Independents, Republicans alike have said that (Hillary blaming everyone but herself) was pathetic.  It was a pathetic campaign, it was a horrific campaign, …and at the end I came to the conclusion that you came to which is Richard, my god what if she had actually won?  What would this administration look like?”