Hillary Please Stop You’re Embarrassing Yourself

Elder Patriot – While Donald Trump continues barnstorming the United States and drawing SRO crowds at his rallies, Hillary Clinton’s “Blame Tour” has become grossly embarrassing to her.

Hillary has been trying to sell her version of “What Happened” in the 2016 election and she has resorted to blaming everyone else but herself.  The tour started out as a disaster and has only gotten worse for her.

Clinton’s own inability or unwillingness to take blame for decades of transgressions by her and her husband, coupled with directing her own miserable campaign, has grown tiring and continues turning off Americans.

It’s so bad that the number of people at her book signings could barely fill a few tables at a state dinner.

Conservative activist Laura Loomer showed up to Hillary’s book signing at Brookfield, Connecticut and tweeted:

The people are sending a message to Hillary that her ego just won’t let her grasp:  Hillary you’re done.  We the People have moved on.  It’s past time for you to do the same.