Hillary Cringed as Dem. Mayor Wept in Courtroom After Being Found Guilty of 47 Counts of Pay-to-Play

Elder Patriot – Democrat Mayor Ed Pawlowski has been found guilty on 47 of the 54 charges against him which included bribery, conspiracy, fraud, attempted extortion as well as lying to federal officials. Pawlowski also changed city contracts in order to raise money for his campaigns for Mayor, The Morning Call reported.

The Allentown, Pennsylvania mayor is now free on bail while awaiting sentencing.

Following the conclusion of the hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony Wzorek blasted Pawlowski’s behavior:

This type of behavior is not acceptable.  If they don’t have it of their own mind to think this is unacceptable, we will be watching, and the FBI will be doing investigations and will root out corruption.”

On Thursday, a jury found Mayor Pawlowski guilty on 47 counts of violating federal pay-to-play law.  Some counts carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison but legal experts believe the mayor is facing 5-10 years behind bars following sentencing.

The jury agreed with prosecutors that Pawlowski traded contributions for favorable treatment in helping donors get work from the city.  Does this remind you of anybody who recently ran for president?

The violations include everything from conspiracy and multiple counts of bribery, attempted extortion, false statements to federal officials, honest services fraud, to mail fraud and wire fraud.

Seth Weber, a former federal prosecutor who now teaches at DeSales University, and who followed the trial closely, said the mayor’s time on the witness stand sealed his fate:  “I think that was a tough pill to swallow for the jury that Mayor Pawlowski was a victim, the real victim in this case was the citizens of Allentown.”

This sounds an awful lot like it could be the summation of the Hillary Clinton story.  After all, nobody has cast themselves as a victim for as long, or at the hands of more people, than the loser the Democrats ran for president. 

The only difference between Pawlowski and Clinton is he was piker when compared to Hillary Clinton.  Then again, she had a whole lot more to sell, didn’t she?

Pawlowski had been an ardent campaigner for both Barack Obama and for Hillary Clinton.  At one point in 2012 he credited President Obama with an increase in 238,000 manufacturing jobs in the three-plus years since he had taken office in 2009.  Manufacturing jobs actually decreased during Obama’s term as the Dems’ policies deliberately drove those jobs to China and the Pacific Rim.