Hillary Clinton is the Devil: One Face in Public and Another in Private

ELDER PATRIOT – In the following video interview Juanita Broaddrick recounts being raped by Bill Clinton. The segment that is pertinent to giving us insight into Hillary Clinton’s insincerity , her lack of integrity, and criminal behavior begins at the 5:30 mark”

Now here’s Hillary Clinton supporter and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shaming women into supporting Mrs. Clinton and Hillary not even showing the slightest remorse for her multiple transgressions directed towards the victims of her husband’s unwanted and predatory sexual advances:

Hillary actually has the temerity to laugh at Albright’s comments. But what about the threatening posture she took with Juanita Broaddrick after her husband had raped her?

Last September Mrs. Clinton coldly ignored her own disgraceful treatment of the women who she saw as a threat to, first her husband’s career, and then her own political future and released the following message to America’s female voters:

Mrs. Clinton is counting on the millennial vote to win this election. They were born before becoming aware of the Clinton’s predatory treatment of the women who came into contact with them.

It is important that younger women learn of Hillary Clinton’s dark side before they vote for her, not after. Or, they’ll all be joining her in that special place in hell.