ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton just can’t find the good grace to accept having been rejected by the American people. 

The fact that she was following Barack Obama, who better served the interests of every miscreant and dissident living among us, as well as the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood than the American people, and that she promised to continue his policies couldn’t possibly explain it.

At a tech conference in California, Clinton continued showing her inability to deal with the truth by accusing Trump’s team of having made an “enormous investment in falsehoods, fake news, call it what you will.”

She just couldn’t help herself: “The other side was using content that was just flat-out false and delivering it in a very personalized way, both above the radar screen and below.

“We may have tried to put every piece of information in the best possible light and explanations, but we weren’t in the same category as the other side,” she said.

“Best possible light?”  Please, there’s not enough lipstick in the world to cover your history of piggish behavior.  If you weren’t so detestable I’d almost feel sorry for you over your inability to deal with your own failures.

Hillary please, you lost because you were truly the face of the globalist movement – bloated, ugly, and a lie.

Even your allegation that Trump colluded with Russia has been exposed as fake news.  You are out of friends and out of excuses.

All of these carefully scripted interviews in front of audiences filled with butt-licking sycophants change nothing.

If you want to prove President Trump lied to defeat you then submit to an hour-long interview by Peter Schweizer and answer the tough questions you’ve never allowed anyone to ask you.