Hillary Clinton to Celebrate Terrorists During Democratic National Convention

ELDER PATRIOT – The speaker schedule has been announced for the Democratic National Convention that begins Monday in Philadelphia and once again Hillary Clinton will be giving voice to terrorists hoping to elevate them to perceived positions of importance from which future negotiations can be justified and more of America’s sanity can be chipped away.

This is nothing new for Mrs. Clinton.  During her husband’s presidency Hillary Clinton embraced terrorist Yasser Arafat and his wife, Suha.  Yasser Arafat gained international notoriety in 1985 when he led a group of terrorists to hijack the cruise ship the Achille Lauro.  Arafat used that occasion to show the world what terrorism was and has always been about by throwing wheelchair ridden Leon Klinghoffer overboard to his death.  What did Klinghoffer do to warrant Arafat’s brave show of strength?  He was Jewish.

For this and a string of increasingly heinous and cowardly murders, the Clinton’s decided that the Arafats would be good people to force Israel to give land to and provide security for, and in 1998 Hillary issued a statement of support for Palestinian statehood.

Hillary’s fondness for terrorists grew over the years and, while Secretary of State, she relied heavily on Huma Abedin for advice about the Middle East.  Abedin has a long history of close association with the Muslim Brotherhood and was helpful in installing the Muslim Brotherhood into control of the Egyptian government.  Thankfully, the Muslim Brotherhood was too extreme for the people of Egypt and their military deposed of them in a coup.

But, in her endless quest for new constituencies with which to divide us, Mrs. Clinton hasn’t stopped resorting to calling for political solutions to criminal behavior.  And, that is exactly what will be on the agenda during this week’s DNC.  Mrs. Clinton has reserved at least seven slots for speakers who will be given that opportunity in order to elevate another terrorist group – Black Lives Matter.  There is no logical reason for this except that Mrs. Clinton is desperate to shore up her support in the Black community.  This leaves her relying on a monolithic response from a community of people that themselves are divided over the issues of safety of the majority and brutality of a few.

BLM is a criminal enterprise that has been killing police at an alarming rate and, as the facts show, without cause.  Last year, 102 unarmed black people were killed by police.  Despite intense media coverage, only two convictions resulted.  This means that either a grand jury or a trial jury found the killings justified.  We can be certain that the facts stood clearly in the favor of the 100 police officers that were acquited because the Obama Justice Department was watching and salivating for the chance to prove racist intent if at all possible.

At this week’s convention, no time has been allocated for even a single speaker whose family has been the victim of terrorism.  There have been 145 families directly impacted by terrorist attacks over the past year in the United States alone that have left 77 dead and 68 injured. 

No time has been allocated for even a single speaker whose family has been the victim of illegal immigrants despite the fact that FBI statistics reveal that criminal aliens have been arrested for 70,000 sex offenses, over 42,000 robberies, and over 25,000 homicides among the over 3,000,000 crimes that they’ve committed in our country. 

Yet, beyond all proportion, the narrative advanced by the BLM terrorists will be given a significant voice at the convention.  Some of those addressing the delegates and the nation will be leaders of a movement that is responsible for the assassination of at least 10 police officers, with absolutely no justification and in cold blood, over the past three weeks alone – and then bragged about it!

Mrs. Clinton will tell us that these murderers of police officers must be heard.   She will insist that their reaction, to what the courts found to have been self-defense in virtually every instance, is justified and right.  She will preach to us with that look of concern and that shrill voice that makes her so hard for anyone but her most sycophantic followers to listen to.

She will turn a blind eye towards the far more real threats that uncontrolled immigration and terrorism present to the civility of the American people.  She will mock Donald Trump, as President Obama did yesterday, as an alarmist and a fear monger despite the fact that the statistics are on his side.

There will be no mention at this week’s DNC of how the policies that she is championing in this regard, threatens our nation’s peace unless it is to parrot France’s equivalent to our Homeland Security Director.

In May of this year, the head of the French General Directorate for Internal Security Patrick Calvar warned Parliament that, Europe is in danger – “Extremism is on the rise everywhere, and we are now turning our attention to some far-right movements who are preparing a confrontation.”

Somehow, in a way that only the tortured mind of Mrs. Clinton and other Leftists can imagine, “right-wing extremism” will be declared the most significant problem that confronts our nation’s peace.  Even she doesn’t believe this but promoting the remainder of her Globalist agenda would be an even harder sell to the American people as the recent Brexit vote has shown her.

On the heels of Donald Trump’s incredibly defining and cogent acceptance speech, the American people know, if and when America’s right begins defending the homeland against these threats it will be an act of patriotism brought on and made necessary by Hillary Clinton’s promotion of terrorism and denial of what really threatens the American people.  Mrs. Clinton and her fellow Democrats own an agenda that has failed the country and the people on virtually every issue.  All of this has left Hillary Clinton selling shit to a manure factory that she already owns.