Hidden Bonus: Senate Tax Bill Amendment Begins Dismantling of Marxist Cabal

Elder Patriot – Ending the Obamacare mandate was yuuuge but nowhere near as important as the amendment that Texas Senator Ted Cruz was able to get included in the tax bill last night.

Cruz recognizes that the public education cabal has become the greatest threat to America’s future leadership due to the overwhelming Marxist influence that has infiltrated it.  The so-called educators and administrators are using your tax dollars to teach Marxist dogma and global indoctrination.

Late last night Cruz offered an amendment to the tax bill that would expand tax-deferred 529 college savings accounts to K-12 private school tuition and home-school expenses.  Hopefully when the bill proceeds to conference the final product will adopt the House bill that goes a step further by expanding the accounts for unborn children.

The vote was expected to be close because the education lobby owns the votes of Democrats.  As expected, the vote was indeed close.

Around twenty minutes to midnight the tally stood at 49 ayes and 50 nays.  The final Republican to vote withheld his vote until Vice President Pence arrived to take charge of the Senate.

At 11:51 Pence strode into the Senate and took his place at the head of the well.  The final aye vote was tallied and then the vice president cast the deciding vote to pass the expansion of 529 accounts giving parents more control over their children’s educational options.

The public school monopoly has been an incredible failure in turning out the rugged, independent minded leadership that is necessary to lead America into the future.  They had their chance and failed, succumbing to political expediency rather than educating the next generation in American exceptionalism.

There’s a reason that the national education cabal is stridently opposed to anyone else being allowed to teach history and economics correctly but now, with the 529 tax deduction expansion in the final bill, more American children will be availed to the keys to personal greatness.

Once our private schools begin turning out the next generation of business and political leaders the public schools will be forced to adjust their educational standards and lesson plans lest continue to experience a reduced demand for their product.

When this happens, laws like Obamacare will become extinct on their own because there will be fewer voters left who believe that through government all things are possible.