Hey Alabama: If Moral Standards are Guiding Your Vote Consider This About Doug Jones

Elder Patriot – Democrats are wrapping themselves in a shield of morality on the heels of unproven allegations that only surfaced after decades of silence by his accusers against Republican Roy Moore.  Consider this about the “paragon of virtue” that Democrats represent their candidate to be. 

Democratic candidate Doug Jones has promised to support these parts of the Democrats’ platform:

  • The butchering of babies until the moment of birth
  • Harvesting the organs of those butchered babies as part of a commercially profitable enterprise
  • Using federal tax dollars to support the company, Planned Parenthood, that runs that gruesome enterprise
  • The normalization of pedophilia
  • The use of the restroom of your choice regardless of the gender that God assigned you.  Doug Jones has pledged to support the right of grown men to use the same restroom as your young daughter.
  • Open borders immigration that has resulted in the widespread displacement of American workers.  That extremist who tried blowing up NYC’s Port Authority yesterday wouldn’t have been in this country and another American would’ve had a job.
  • Open borders immigration that has resulted in depressed wages for American-born workers
  • The growth of mega-corporations that has caused the collapse of smaller businesses that has virtually destroyed small business and the level of customer service we had come to expect.
  • The distortion of the First Amendment that protects your right to practice Christianity openly while at the same time they are bowing to the demands of Muslim immigrants.
  • Ceding control of our government to the United Nations and their foreign tribunals where we have no controlling interest in their decision-making.
  • Voting to maintain Obamacare that has priced quality healthcare out of the reach of middle class Americans largely because of the mandate that abortion services must be included in every plan.
  • Turning Christmas into the Winter Holidays – a major step in removing Christ, and his teachings, from our lives.

Roy Moore has denied the charges against him.  That doesn’t matter to his opponents who desperately seek to block him from voting for the Trump agenda that promotes Christianity and threatens to drain their swamp. 

Democrats used to agree with the premise that was the foundation of our country’s judicial system, that an accused person is innocent until proven guilty.  Now that they see control of the Senate within their grasp that is no longer the case.

These are the same Democrats who voted to absolve Bill Clinton of significantly more credible accusers that included rape.  That absolution would never have happened without the votes of establishment Republicans.  The same establishment Republicans that are now threatening to remove Roy Moore after he wins today.

No rank and file Republican of good moral character should give Doug Jones a second look.