The Heroes Who Prevented the Global Takeover

ELDER PATRIOT – Hillary Clinton almost succeeded in her takeover of America’s institutions on her way to seizing control of the U.S. Treasury and the self-enrichment that would follow once she began selling the assets of the Americans that entrusted her with protecting. 

The mainstream corporate media rejected the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s candidacy immediately following his securing the Republican nomination and literally did everything they possibly could to destroy him regardless of how their actions might undermine their journalistic integrity. 

They very well might’ve succeeded in installing Hillary Clinton as president except for a few brave men of the new media that resides solely on the Internet.

It’s appropriate that we pause our celebration today to pay homage to those patriotic Americans who believe that government must answer to the people and not the other way around and who did everything in their power to restore that balance to our relationship with this government that had long ago turned its back on the working men and women of this country.

Andrew Breitbart served as an editor for the Drudge Report before venturing out to start his own online news service.  Andrew died under suspicious circumstance but the men and women of the Breitbart News website that he founded continued and grew upon the work that he had started. 

This relatively small but unusually adept investigative news organization reported on the globalists’ agenda when the mainstream media refused to.  They were so effective that it led Hillary Clinton to declare that she would have their operation shut down if she were to be elected president.

Stephen K. Bannon is a Harvard educated ex-Goldman Sachs executive who grew disgusted by what he had seen while working for the global banking institution.  He was appointed CEO of Breitbart News and built on the courageous work that Andrew Breitbart had started.  Donald Trump recognized Bannon’s rare competency and populist beliefs and tapped him to be his campaign’s CEO.

Mrs. Clinton has personally singled out Mr. Bannon as a target for her ire.

Peter Shweizer is a Breitbart editor whose book “Clinton Cash” exposed the ties between Secretary of State and her pay-to-play scheme that used the Clinton Foundation to launder the proceeds.

Julian Assange directed the Wikileaks release of the discoveries from a worldwide network of hackers that showed the Clinton campaign is populated with the most scurrilous group of advisors and political operatives imaginable. 

Assange has been secluded in hiding in the Ecuadorian Embassy for the past four years.  If he were to leave the safety of the embassy he would immediately be herded into custody by those waiting outside the embassy for precisely that purpose.  Mrs. Clinton wanted to “drone” him.  As 1000’s of her campaign chairman John Podesta’s emails have become public we now know why.

James O’Keefe does undercover investigative video journalism.  His work has exposed Planned Parenthood as a mill for healthy baby parts.  More damaging to Clinton was O’Keefe’s recent four-part Project Veritas release that exposed Clinton’s highly developed campaign network funded and developed to cause violence at Trump’s rallies and to use voter and election fraud to affect the outcome of the election among other things.

O’Keefe was convicted of a crime for pursuing an investigation of a Louisiana politician when a liberal judge decided that public officials have a right to privacy when they’re in a public office building.

Edward Snowden has been living in exile since blowing the lid off the NSA’s illegal and immoral spying on Americans that violates even the strictest interpretation of our individual right to privacy. 

Roger Stone has been a savvy political operative for close to four decades.  Stone has witnessed the ugly underbelly of political chicanery and he was there when Trump needed his expert opinions on how to prevent or circumvent Clinton’s planned campaign corruption.

Alex Jones is another political observer and commentator who is accused of advancing the seemingly hard to believe but very real extreme political deceptions.  The problem for Mrs. Clinton is that Jones has an uncanny history of being proven right once the evidence comes to light.  Mrs. Clinton has singled Jones out for special criticism.  Jones is forced to travel with a protective detail.

Matt Drudge runs the wildly popular and heavily visited website the Drudge Report.  Mrs. Clinton has signaled her intention to shut the Drudge Report down because it is so extremely rightwing. 

Mrs. Clinton’s paranoia is evident in this belief as anyone who has visited Matt Drudge’s web page even a single time can attest.  The Drudge Report has no original content of its own nor does it “steal” content from other sites.

The page is a compilation of links to articles currently appearing on the websites of the mainstream media.  He is actually driving traffic to Clinton friendly webpages if only when they actually write truthful content and commentary.

Honorable mention goes to Seth Rich who was found dead on a Washington DC sidewalk.  Rich, 27, was the likely source of the Wikileaks’ dump of DNC emails that gave the world insight into just how corrupt the entire Democratic machine had become under the Clintons.

Americans owe a great debt to these men who have endured various levels of venom and hardship to save our country for the people who live here and pay taxes here.

I want to extend my apologies to those that I have failed to mention.  There is no slight intended.  There are literally thousands of small to medium sized websites and bloggers who helped make yesterday’s revolution a bloodless one.