Hero Of Parkland Does Presser, Puts The Blame Exactly Where It’s Due

Elder Patriot – Parkland shooting survivor Anthony Borges has hired an attorney to sue Broward County officials for just about everything leading up to and including their response to the Nikolas Cruz’s rampage that left 17 dead and 14 injured.

Unlike David Hogg who took shelter in a classroom while the shooting was taking place, fifteen-year old Borges took five bullets acting as a human shield for his classmates.

Borges moved to Florida from Venezuela three years ago, became a Boy Scout and was a rising soccer star.  And now, add hero to the young man’s resume.

Young Borges has properly identified the problems that led to his shooting and he’s not blaming guns.

Borges, speaking through his attorney Alex Arreaza placed the blame where it belonged on sheriff Scott Israel and school superintendent Robert Muncie for adopting the Promise Program, an Obama-era policy aimed at hiding the records of budding criminals so that their chances to get into college would be better.

As Borges sat in a wheelchair, Arreaza explained that the program creates a path for students who commit minor crimes to avoid arrest – and a criminal record – by completing a program administered by the school’s resource officer.

Florida’s Broward County was among the first to embrace the strategy that was eventually adopted by more than 50 major school districts across the country.  The program was designed to allow troubled and often violent students to commit crimes without legal consequence.

The policy stand in direct contravention to the highly successful “Broken Windows” policing strategies that works so well to clean up New York after David Dinkins instituted a similar “catch and release” strategy that led to soaring violent crime while he was mayor.  

The program that Broward County sheriff Israel administered was so flawed that Nikolas Cruz was expelled from the school without ever having been registered in it.  That’s right, school administrators considered Cruz a big enough threat to the welfare of his fellow students that they expelled him. “Let someone else deal with him, he’s not our problem anymore.”

Except he was their problem and nobody had an inkling of what this monster was planning because he had no record.  Veteran FBI agent Michael Biasello explained:

“He had a clean record, so alarm bells didn’t go off when they looked him up in the system.  He probably wouldn’t have been able to buy the murder weapon if the school had referred him to law enforcement.”

So while the knee-jerk reactionary lemmings on the left immediately blamed guns and raced to eradicate the Second Amendment rights of Americans, it took a family from Venezuela to figure out that Nikolas Cruz was a product of a liberal program that made everyone less safe.

The policy grew out of a 2011 Obama administration initiative to improve racial outcomes – graduation and college acceptance rates – rather than address the root causes of the problems.  

According to realclearinvestigations.com:

Broward school Superintendent Robert W. Runcie – a Chicagoan and Harvard graduate with close ties to President Obama and his Education Department – signed an agreement with the county sheriff and other local jurisdictions to trade cops for counseling. Students charged with various misdemeanors, including assault, would now be disciplined through participation in “healing circles,” obstacle courses and other “self-esteem building” exercises.

Now seventeen children who deserved better will never get the chance to go to college because of the effort to protect Nikolas Cruz’s college chances.