Here’s What We’ve Learned Since Jan 20th – Federal Elections Are Expensive Dog and Pony Shows That Mean Nothing

ELDER PATRIOT – American citizens, having watched their government represent everyone else but them, and then shamelessly receive a bill from the IRS for the cost, decided they had enough.

They had enough of Republicans and they let the party know it when they chose an outsider to be the Republican standard-bearer.

They had enough of Democrats, and especially of Hillary Clinton, and again chose the outsider.

Trump officially won 31 states but it is more likely than not that he won at least five additional states except for the probability that voters in those states were victims of election fraud. Think I’m blowing smoke?  Then why is everyone in Congress up in arms for Trump’s call for what amounts to an audit of our electoral system?

The message from November 8th was loud and clear, Americans want their government back.

Well, it’s time to wake up and come to terms with the fact that it isn’t going to be as easy as casting a vote. 

It has become overwhelmingly obvious that the majority of both houses of congress aren’t just recipients of outlandish amounts of corporate and special interest money – including funds originating from foreign entities – these entities own members of Congress. 

Your twenty dollar or one hundred dollar political contribution might make you feel better but it means nothing compared to the five, six, and even seven figure contributions from corporations, PACs, and foreign “investors.”  That kind of money doesn’t just buy influence it buys unwavering loyalty.  It buys corporate welfare, foreign policy decisions, and even war.  In one way or another, it buys access to your tax dollars.

The majority of representatives and senators have whored themselves to the highest bidders and are nothing more than well-placed lobbyists.  It’s way past time to realize we, the people, don’t mean sh*t to them.  And, neither do our children who they force vaccines on, send to lousy schools, and even callously spill their blood fighting wars that serve their goals not our own.

The tidal wave of resistance coming from Congress and the Senate, in the four months following the election, blocking the voters’ America First agenda leaves no doubt that they have no intention of respecting your will.

While the Democrats are the president’s most vocal critics, Republicans have done their part by obstructing Trump’s agenda.  While they appear to be arguing over the best way to fix everything from healthcare to the economy to immigration, they are really doing their part in giving Democrats wide berth to influence public opinion against President Trump.

Imagine for just a minute, how the Democrats charges would be received by the public if Trump’s pro-growth, pro law and order agenda had already been enacted.  That it hasn’t advanced more quickly makes Republicans co-conspirators in denying the election results and protecting the status quo.

Now these anti-American forces are relying on an allegation by former F.B.I. Director James Comey, a man who was fired by President Trump for malfeasance at best or corruption at worst, to attack the president on grounds that the president committed obstruction of justice because, according to Comey, the president allegedly asked him to drop the Michael Flynn investigation.

The White House has denied the president asked Comey to do that, but Comey’s word apparently trumps Trump’s.  The forces working against us in Congress choose to ignore that Comey’s credibility is seriously damaged after he previously lied to open sessions of Congress about Trump in the past. 

Remember, he told Congress that Trump was never under surveillance when he had been, and he refused to dispel the myth when asked in open session that an investigation into possible Trump ties with Russia was still under way.  We now know that investigation yielded nothing and that it was no longer going on.

This would laughable if it weren’t so serious.  Comey himself, had engaged in obstructing justice innumerable times in the past to protect Obama, his administration, as well as Hillary Clinton.  Similarly, Comey’s refusal or inability to determine the source(s) of the White House leaks amounts to a deliberate attempt on his part to help those undermining Trump and therefore his agenda.

Now in retrospect we can see Comey wasn’t protecting Democrats so much as he was protecting the status quo.  And so are the scumbags we sent to Congress.  It’s becoming obvious Comey had survived for as long as he did because refused to prosecute criminal acts committed by President Obama, his administration, and members of Congress, not because he did.

Much is being said about Trump’s need to clean house and surround himself with a staff of loyalists.  This would lead to a bunker mentality and inhibit the president’s ability to hear from all Americans and all sides of the issues that they elected him to address.

A far more effective house cleaning should be conducted by voters to the Congress and the Senate where members have spent decades proving their campaign promises were nothing more than lies and that they have no interest in addressing any of the issues that they were sent to Washington to fix.

Impeachment is a political process as much or more than it is a legal process.  It’s time to be resolute in our support of President Trump or content our selves to forever live under the thump of a government that answers only to corporations, foreign entities, and billionaires.

It’s your choice.  If the establishment succeeds in stripping us of Trump’s leadership then it will be time to lock and load.