Here’s What This Patriot Learned From The Special Counsel Investigation. It Ain’t Good… Our Republic Hangs By a Thread

Elder Patriot -The primary takeaway from this whole sordid affair is that there are very few honest men in Washington.  Perhaps that may be 1 among every 8 men and women in the D.C. swamp. That guesstimate was derived from number of honest men and women on the Gang of Eight, anyway.

Thankfully Devin Nunes was one of them.  The others entrusted with the nation’s most sensitive secrets, those who let the Trump inquisition/witch-hunt go on this long should, themselves, be tried for treason.  

Instead, they demand the release of the Mueller Report in its entirety to use as a roadmap to further harass this president with the goal of impeding his agenda.  

That’s the second takeaway.  President Trump, his family, and virtually every one of his associates were targeted – and they will continue to be targeted – because the corrupt Washington political establishment couldn’t/wouldn’t risk the electoral fallout that would result from continually voting against the president’s common sense agenda.

The third takeaway: The mainstream media is not ‘free’ in this country.  It must cost a fortune to buy off a ‘free press’ to the extent that the Mueller Report showed had happened over the last two and a half years.

Whole networks – CNN and MSNBC – were determined to take down this president.  They derided sensible policy initiatives and legislation that would improve the lives of hard working Americans and that had been proven by the crucible of time.  

These are policies and practices that America itself had thrived under in its rise from 13 colonies to the world’s economic superpower in only 150 years.

This forms the basis for my fourth takeaway.  America has changed. Americans have changed. They have allowed fifty years of multicultural economic and social rot to cloud their understanding that all cultures are not created equal.

Americans, hypnotized by politicians, Marxist ‘educators’ and the media including Big Tech, have embraced the belief that, in the long history of man on earth, they are the ones who finally know the secret to good governance for all.  

They are bound and determined to erase the successful game plan that had been nurtured for two and a half centuries despite the undisputable historical record that the road they seek to embark on – apparently by force if need be – has failed miserably and has resulted in poverty, misery and death.

Fifth takeaway: None of this would have happened if not for the fact that the ‘Deep State’ really does exist.  That a permanent bureaucracy, resolved to tell us how we will live and who our leaders will be, is now undeniable.  

And, that the exfiltration of the wealth of ordinary hard working Americans, under these policies, has been real and was planned.

They say that no matter how uninformed or foolish a person may be, everyone recognizes when their ox is being gored.  Not Americans.

Wall Street, the globalists multinationals (banks and corps), the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Business Roundtable have been delivering their marching orders to their chosen elected leaders through K-Street lobbyists for decades.

Those policies – giving China a seat at the WTO and most favored nation status, NAFTA, and the whole panoply of global deals that President Trump thankfully vetoed – have fleeced, or were intended to fleece, the American treasury (your money and your children’s money) and left us $22T in debt. 

Worse, they have put us at a military disadvantage and their refusal to deal with Big Tech’s invasion of our privacy has made our electorate vulnerable in many ways.

That leads us to back to our first takeaway – our politicians are, for the most part –  members of a criminal enterprise. That includes the GOP establishment.

Yet Americans continue to return the same seditious men and women to positions of power where they continue their destruction of our country’s social fabric and develop new ways to steal our wealth.

And Americans only shrug when these elected officials, undeniably doing the work of the global economic cabal, become multi-millionaires on salaries that simply don’t permit that.  

Sixth takeaway: The entire Democratic Party is rotten to the core.  

After House and Senate committee investigations came up empty, the FBI came up empty, and Special Counsel Mueller came up empty, Democrats still refuse to accept the results.

They are fueling their corrupt mainstream media allies to convince people that ‘Trump isn’t out of the woods yet.’  Americans are supposedly protected from double jeopardy. Trump has already withstood triple jeopardy.

Now the mainstream media is ballyhooing the news that House Democrats are opening a fourth investigation, subpoenaing at least 81 more Trump associates, as well as the fact that the Southern District of NY is still investigating the president, his family, and his businesses.

What happened to the Democrats’ trust in the FBI, Robert Mueller, and the entire intelligence apparatus that they and their friends in the media told us were inviolate only months ago?

No one with a modicum of knowledge of how these things work seriously believes that a House investigation will turn up anything those ‘revered institutions’ haven’t already found.

The Dems, too deeply invested in the ‘Trump is a Russian asset narrative’ to now do an about face and survive the next election, have shown their 2020 survival strategy.

They plan a highly publicized campaign of accusation and innuendo targeting Donald Trump right up to election day 2020.  Their hope? Americans will grow tired of Trump or the nonsense surrounding him.

Final takeaway.  The inquisition of President Trump must end, immediately.  

He has withstood the full brunt of multiple investigations, investigations that had limitless resources and that spanned over three years and that were looking for anything they might use against him in order to effect a political coup.

He should no longer need to prove his honesty.  Certainly not to a seditious cabal that has no record of accomplishment for America or Americans.

President Trump has cleared the sedition hurdle, as well.  The policies for which he has endured this unprecedented level of persecution have clearly improved the standing of the vast majority of Americans.  

From the economy to our national security, by and large, Americans are inarguably better off.  Those who aren’t should ask themselves why they aren’t rather than ask for things they haven’t earned.

I thank God every day for President Trump.  He is the first honest president, the first American patriot, to occupy the white house in 30 years.

There’s a reason that the Deep State, the permanent bureaucracy, and the global cabal are aligned against Trump.  It isn’t because he’s a traitor. It’s because he’s not.

That more Americans still cannot recognize this, isn’t a condemnation of President Trump.  It’s a condemnation of them.

WTFU America.