Here’s A Partial List of President Trump’s Accomplishments the MSM Ignored While the Democrats – the Party of Marxists – Ran an Unconstitutional Impeachment

Four months ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi launched an unconstitutional impeachment scheme.  

She hired a team of spurious lawyers to sidestep long-established rules for impeachment, rules designed to protect the separation of powers inherent in the Constitution, to make emotional arguments that partisan rank and file Democrats would embrace.

Arguments like Hirono’s would turn our constitutional protections upside down and lead to the establishment of a police state. 

If you’re innocent why wouldn’t you give us access to everything you have?  

Imagine the power law enforcement would be able to leverage over ordinary citizens if they simply needed to charge a crime – with no evidence – and then rifle through their target’s entire financial dealings, phone, text, email and personal conversations.

Then there was the collection of secret testimony in the SCIF in a basement room where the president had no representation and from which testimony was cherry-picked by the most scurrilous elected American since… well since probably forever.

None of what the Democrats attempted in their latest coup attempt was legal.  It could have been nipped in its infancy if the propaganda media had reported honestly.  It didn’t. Not even close.

A study by Newsbusters, a division of the Media Research Center that has been studying bias in the media for three decades, found that 100% of reporting on President Trump’s defense was negative while 95% of the coverage on the impeachment managers with positive.

We’ve seen lopsided reporting before, just not this lopsided.  Why?

Here’s a partial list of President Trump’s accomplishments that the mainstream propaganda media were ignoring (hiding) in what would seem to be an effort to bolster Democrat candidates Marxist platform:

  • President Trump was finally able to sign USMCA into law after waiting more than a year for Pelosi to allow a floor vote on it.
  • President Trump signed the Phase 1 trade treaty with China that completes his Asian trade reset strategy that will result in trillions of dollars in wealth no longer being stripped from the United States over the next five years… or until Democrats regain power.
  • Al Qaeda leader Qassem al-Rimi was eliminated.
  • Drug deaths dropped almost 5 percent in 2018 after rising for 28 consecutive years in the United States largely due to President Trump’s enhanced border protection efforts and the improved financial conditions of at risk families.  
  • The life expectancy of United States citizens went up for the first time since Obama left office.
  • Carter Page sued Democrats for their role in funding the dossier that made his life a living hell by obtaining spy warrants without a shred of evidence that now have been proven to be illegitimate.  

Discovery is sure to be damning to Democrats – every last Democrat – because they stood unanimously in favor of, and wildly promoted, the Russia hoax.

  • Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor who Obama’s then V.P. Joe Biden insisted be fired, has filed a federal complaint against Biden.  Here again, discovery holds the potential to destroy not just Biden, but his boss, President Obama.
  • A new report finds that the bottom economic demographic is accumulating wealth at a greater rate than the top demographic.  Remember this tweet from the new leader of the Democrat Party?

During an interview in early 2016 Megyn Kelly asked Tavis Smiley, “On the subject of race, are we better off today than seven years ago?”

Smiley’s response was honest if incredibly disappointing: “On every leading economic issue, in the leading economic issues Black Americans have lost ground in every one of those leading categories”.

Aside from openly lying to advance a negative narrative against President Trump, it’s what the mainstream propaganda media isn’t telling you that will sink Democrats in November.