Hearing Resumes and so Does the Rhetoric of Chinese Asset Dianne Feinstein

Elder Patriot -During yesterday’s hearing, Senate Judiciary Chairman Charles Grassley and the committee’s Republican members led by Lindsey Graham exposed the lying, conniving and evil Dianne Feinstein as an inglorious bitch.  I apologize but there’s just no other way to accurately describe her.

This the same Dianne Feinstein who was a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and had a Chinese spy on her payroll for 20 years.

This is the same Feinstein who had previously abused her position on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to leak the full transcript of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson so that future deponents, yet to appear before that committee or before any other forum, would be better prepared to continue defending the criminal activities of Obama and the Clintons.

She, or another Democrat Senator Mark Warner, are the two most likely members of the SSCI who leaked -through James Wolfe – the 82-page FISA warrant application to continue spying on President Trump to reporter Ali Watkins.

She began today trying to place blame for leaking accuser Christine Blasey-Ford’s letter to her on Republicans despite the fact they had no advance knowledge of the letter even existed.  That letter was, according to Feinstein’s previous statements, considered confidential and closely guarded by her.

By Feinstein and the Democrats’ new standard regarding the overwhelming weight put on accusations, there’s more than enough evidence against the California Communist to at least have her censured by the entire Senate pending an FBI investigation.  Dems would be calling for her impeachment if she were a Republican.

Had Feinstein and her fellow Democrats truly wanted an investigation by the FBI she, as a ranking U.S. senator, could have asked the FBI to immediately begin an investigation upon her receipt of Christine Blasey-Ford’s letter, months ago.

That Feinstein didn’t, and only brought forth the letter after the normal hearings had concluded, is evidence that Commie Feinstein was intent on delaying the confirmation process.

Feinstein’s star witness also could’ve gone to the Montgomery County police – the proper jurisdiction for this level of alleged criminal activity – in early July to begin an investigation.  She didn’t. Why didn’t her legal team advise her to do so?

It couldn’t be that working in concert with Feinstein, Dr. Ford’s attorneys’ sole purpose was to cast shade on, and delay the confirmation.

And with ten days of delay, based on Dr. Ford’s false claim of a fear of flying in airplanes (since disproven during her testimony yesterday under questioning by sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell), Feinstein, Democrats, and their media propagandist echo chamber, went to work eviscerating Brett Kavanaugh.

Feinstein moved from defending herself to attacking Brett Kavanaugh for having the temerity to challenge her, and other Democrats, who had spent weeks destroying his character and credibility without, as we learned yesterday from Mitchell’s examination of Dr. Ford, justification.

Feinstein and her equally despicable Democrat cohorts were blindsided by the normally soft-spoken Kavanaugh’s aggressive defense of himself and his willingness – even anxiousness – to give as good as he took from this band of lying schemers.  This was cold anger on display.  And, it was effective.  Had it not been it would’ve signalled Americans’ willingness to roll over in the face of these Marxist aggressors.

Feinstein was attempting to put the toothpaste back in the tube during her statement this morning by casting doubt on whether Kavanaugh’s aggressive defense of himself revealed a temperament that was an impediment to confirming him.

Too late. That boat sailed yesterday when the majority of Americans realized that Kavanaugh had the intestinal fortitude to be a truly independent voice on the Supreme Court.

The most significant takeaway from the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings is how close we have come to losing our freedoms, forever.  

That even a single member of the Senate Judiciary Committee should suggest an accusation trumps the due process rights of the accused is scary.  That the entire Democrat delegation has adopted that position is even scarier.

That Democrats are within one seat of being in the position to impose that Stalinist standard, not just on this committee but across the entire government, is beyond scary and goes to the very root of who we are as a people.

Brett Kavanaugh’s brave defense of himself should stand as a clarion call to American patriots that our work in defeating progressivism is not now, nor ever will be completed.