He Stepped On Stage With Crutches, When He Starts Performing? Watch The Judge’s Faces!

VIA|  It can be difficult in life to remember that your circumstances and setbacks don’t define you. But every once in awhile someone will come along and show us what it truly means to overcome obstacles.

Cue two Russians: Evgeny Smirnov & Dascha Smirnova who decided to show up and inspire us today. They appeared on a Russian talent show and completely blew us away.

Sure, it was partly their artistic moves and talent that impressed us. But mostly? It was Smirnov’s incredible strength and determination to dance when he only has one leg. Yep, you read that right— one leg. Take a look at this!

Aren’t they incredible?! Smirnov reportedly lost his leg well after his motorcycle accident because gangrene had spread throughout the limb. But that isn’t keeping him from dancing!

Remember that you can do anything you set your mind to if you believe. Don’t let anything get in your way from succeeding today regardless of the circumstances!