It’s Happening: Criminal Referral for McCabe Signals Coming Takedown of Entire Obama DOJ and FBI

Elder Patriot – Last month former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was the subject of the Office of Inspector General’s initial 39-page report.  As a result, he was fired following the recommendation of the Office of Professional Responsibility.

That report, compiled by Obama appointee Michael Horowitz, was released last week.  Today, the Department of Justice’s internal watchdog sent a criminal referral to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington citing McCabe’s wrongdoing.

Anyone who thinks, or hopes, this is the end of any future criminal referrals of high-level Obama appointees running the DOJ or FBI is whistling past the graveyard.

It’s a virtual certainty that the illegalities outlined in the initial report were only a hint of the criminal appropriation of the investigative powers of the two powerful agencies under the leadership of Obama’s minions.

There’s a reason that IG Horowitz has had nearly 500 investigators unraveling the extent of the Obama era corruption of the Justice Department for the past year and it wasn’t to compile a simple report with a single target.

There’s also a reason that President Trump announced the addition of former federal prosecutor and NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to his legal team earlier today.  Thirty-five years ago, as U.S.  Attorney for the Southern District of New York, Giuliani spearheaded the fight against organized crime and broke the web of corruption in government.  His prosecution of white-collar criminals also made him a legend that few US Attorneys in history can match.

Remember, Guiliani’s relationship with the New York office of the FBI as well as with the NYPD was forged under extreme circumstances when he was the mayor following 9/11.  Relationships that strong have provided him with access to the evidence on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.  That includes 650,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails, most likely including those that she erased.  It is likely Rudy has already completed an extensive mapping of the Obama-Clinton crime family and is coming in prepared to hit the ground running.

Giuliani’s record and experience probably makes him the most qualified candidate to direct John Huber’s efforts in prosecuting the case against not just the DOJ and the FBI but also the corporate executives, government employees in other agencies, and those leaders in foreign governments that had colluded to defraud American workers and taxpayers under Obama’s reign. 

John Huber is the Utah-based prosecutor that Jeff Sessions appointed to prosecute the OIG’s findings.  Huber’s appointment adds teeth to the Inspector General’s effort because he can convene grand juries, subpoena people not, or no longer working for the DOJ or the FBI which the IG isn’t empowered to do.

We’ve been speculating about when Rudy Giuliani, a close friend and confidant of President Trump’s, would surface.  His expertise in prosecuting this massive case, coupled with his absence for public life had us sure he was doing his legwork in anonymity. 

After we read the initial OIG report we wrote that we were on the verge of a huge political explosion.  Following the initial report it became obvious that the full OIG report would be damning.  The addition of a resurfaced Rudy Giuliani only adds to the certainty that the Obama-Clinton crime family is about to prosecuted.

Oh yeah, do you remember when all of this was fake news back when we started reporting it?