Hanoi Jane Tells Bill Maher, “We Must Divide America to Return to Power”

ELDER PATRIOT – Jane Fonda was a B-rated actress and a relic of times gone by but at one time she was at the vanguard of radical leftism in America.  She became infamously known as “Hanoi Jane” for broadcasting demoralizing messages to our American troops on behalf of the North Vietnamese and Communist China.

She was the Tokyo Rose of the Viet Nam War.  For those who are too young to know, Tokyo Rose whose real name was Iva Toguri, was an American-born Japanese woman who hosted a Japanese propaganda radio program aimed at demoralizing U.S. troops during World War II.

Regardless of your position on the Viet Nam War we can all agree that undermining the young men, who were nothing more than pawns for the politicians calling the shots, was wrong.  Democrats have admitted as much in recent years by claiming that they support the troops but not their mission in the Middle East.

Still stinging from Donald Trump’s electoral win and his promise earlier in the day to the American people to return control of the government back to serving the people rather than continuing in the direction of her long held communist beliefs that they people should serve the government, Fonda appeared on Bill Maher’s HBO show Real Time and declared that the path forward for Democrats would be to resort to the once successful practice of dividing Americans along racial and class lines.

“We have to organize at the grassroots and we have to include race and class in everything we do.”

Americans rejected the politics of division resoundingly this past election after having collectively experienced the economic devastation of government-mandated winners and losers that is at the heart of the politics of redistribution.

Donald Trump made clear that a rising tide will lift all boats and that unity will only come when everyone is free to determine their own path to prosperity and not by a presidential decree.

It’s time for Hanoi Jane to climb back under the rock that she was hiding under for the past eight years.  Her Savior Obama implemented the political and economic policies that she espoused last night and they have left us all poorer and more divided than at any time in the past four decades.

Jane Fonda, just go away and take your politics of division with you.