“Grieving” School Shooting Survivors Hold Wrap Party After CBS Performance

Elder Patriot – Something has been too orchestrated about the television appearances of some of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.  Whenever one of these massacres occurs the immediacy with which the gun confiscation lobby launches their prepared attacks on the Second Amendment screams of an orchestrated marketing program.

Certain post-shooting “celebrities” have been born in the aftermath of this tragedy while other survivors who had a different story to tell have been ignored.  The “chosen ones” schedules have been so full you’d think they had been groomed for this moment.

Adding to that feeling has been the manner that they celebrate after each appearance as though it was a wrap party following a successful shoot.

West soon realized that that the photo came off as if they were promo stills for a high school musical and removed the post.


Wow!  These don’t look like grieving survivors, do they?  Anyone who has lost a loved one or been through a harrowing experience like this had to have been, isn’t likely to be grinning so broadly just a few days later.

Unless, of course, they were waiting for this moment.

Out of the mouths of babes, listen to survivor Cameron Kasky:

“We’ve practiced”

“It starts now” It’s show time!!!

The media’s handling this has been disgracefully one-sided.  Just under 3000 students attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas H.S. yet the media has focused solely on these same four rehearsed, what appear to be, child actors.  Where are the Second Amendment defenders?

It’s almost as though the FBI deliberately stood down so that these budding child stars and political activists could be released on the rest of us.

All of this had Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. suggesting this had “George Soros’ fingerprints all over it.”

Regardless, it’s ludicrous to think that the words of hyper partisan and emotionally distress children should form the basis of smart political philosophy.

English author A.A. Milne wrote:

“The third-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the majority.”

“A second-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking with the minority.”

“A first-rate mind is only happy when it is thinking.”

That brings us to the happenings in a Whittier California High School that has gone, and will continue to go, under reported.

From Fox News (you weren’t expecting CNN were you?):

“A plot by a “disgruntled” student who was planning a mass shooting within weeks at a Southern California high school was thwarted after a security guard overheard a conversation last week, authorities said Wednesday.

“Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said at a news conference that a security guard at El Camino High in Whittier, east of Los Angeles, overheard the 17-year-old student on Friday threaten to open fire in a matter of weeks.

“Parents, this should be a wakeup call; please talk to your kids,” McDonnell said.

“We owe students, parents and teachers our gratitude for providing these leads.”

“The sheriff said the weapons found at the teen’s home included two AR-15 rifles and 90 high-capacity magazines.

“McDonnell called the school security officer, Marino Chavez, an “unsung hero” for alerting authorities.”

This brings us back to the FBI that celebrity survivor David Hogg defended so fiercely.  WHERE THE F*CK WERE THEY?

A school security officer did what the FBI failed to do despite 6 years of warnings and a social media profile that scared everyone shooter Nikolas Cruz knew.