Granular Detail Looms Large: Robert Mueller Left His Cell Phone Behind After Oval Office Meeting With President Trump. Why Did McCabe Call Attention to It?

Elder Patriot – What appears to be an innocuous note in Andrew McCabe’s book may give us insight into the ways in which Washington spooks conduct spycraft… and protect their asses, as well.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein had brought Robert Mueller to meet with President Trump ostensibly to interview for the vacant job of FBI director only days after the president had fired Jim Comey.

Rosenstein knew Mueller was ineligible to fill the vacancy because he had already occupied the position for longer than term limits on occupying that office allow while serving under George W. Bush and Barack Obama.  

McCabe wrote:

In this same meeting Rod talked about interviews with candidates for director. Then he flipped back to talking about possible candidates for the special counsel job. It was hard to track whether he was talking about candidates for one job or for the other. One minute, he said Mueller had been asked to interview for the position of FBI director; Mueller had gone in for an interview with Trump, and left his phone there, and then the phone had to be retrieved.

What else could (I can wear a wire) Rosenstein and Mueller have been up to?

Follow the timeline:

  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017 – Comey Fired;
  • Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – McCabe launches criminal ‘obstruction’ case;
  • Thursday, May 11, 2017 – McCabe testifies to Senate that Trump had made “no effort to impede”;
  • Friday, May 12, 2017 – McCabe and Rosenstein consider appointing a special counsel:
  • Monday, May 15, 2017 – Rosenstein likely commits to the special counsel;
  • Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – Rosenstein takes Mueller to the White House to interview President Trump;
  • Wednesday, May 17, 2017 – Rosenstein appoints Robert Mueller as special counsel with the understanding he was to construct/create a case for impeachment based on obstruction of justice

Was Rosenstein’s intent to provide Mueller, who he knew was ineligible to serve as FBI director again, a chance to conduct an initial interview of President Trump and not the other way around?

Was Mueller’s phone equipped with a listening device to secretly record the president?

Either way, Mueller had interviewed the president.  When Trump and his attorneys realized this, and as they watched the president’s associates being led into perjury traps, they decided that Mueller would not be given another bite at that apple.

But there’s more to McCabe’s reference to Mueller’s cell phone than the possible spycraft involved.  

It’s likely McCabe was referencing the cell phone incident to send a message to his Spygate co-conspirators that he was prepared to throw them all under the bus if they left him exposed to prosecution.

Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse provides the backstory that leads to that conclusion:

What do the following four points have in common?


  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding the Awan brothers; and how they escaped full accountability, likely due to need to protect politicians. (House of Representatives)  The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding SSCI Security Director James Wolfe; and how he was allowed to plea only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset how he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians. (SSCI, Senate) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding Obama lawyer Greg Craig; and how he escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months.  Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians (Obama White House). Sweetheart double standards.
  • The manipulated DC legal case, a non-filing, surrounding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to INSD investigators about his media leaks.  Again, likely due to the need to protect the administrative state. Criminal referral (April 19, 2018); grand jury (Approx. July 2018); Status?… Oh, wait for it….


If you note the common thread is: U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie K Liu, well, you would be entirely accurate.  For the complete story click here.

In mid-April 2018, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a 39-page investigative report of McCabe that led to his firing.

Six days after the report was made public, IG Horowitz made a criminal referral against the former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The referral presented serious legal trouble for McCabe, pitting him directly against his former boss and co-conspirator, then-FBI Director James B. Comey.

For the next eleven months all we heard was crickets.  Why? Consider that the McCabe criminal referral was made to Jessie K. Liu, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia.  

The swamp is deep folks with corrupt backstops everywhere.  

Meanwhile, on March 5, 2019 the Trump administration announced U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu’s nomination to the #3 position at the DOJ.  

Trump’s new Attorney General, who had been sworn in less than three weeks earlier on February 14th, had just begun the task of getting his head around the level of corruption he had walked into.

On March 21st Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, likely realizing Liu’s role in giving “get out of jail free” cards to void future investigators’ leverage necessary to elicit testimony from the seditious anti-Trump conspirators, sent this letter to Barr:

Jordan and Meadows Letter t… by on Scribd

Representatives Jordan and Meadow requested an update on the the status of the criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

The following week, on March 28, 2019, after Barr reviewed the records surrounding Liu’s behavior in the grand jury proceedings against McCabe from eight months earlier, her name was withdrawn from consideration.

That raises the question as to why?  What did Barr learn in the interim?

Was McCabe’s seemingly innocuous mention of Mueller’s cell phone in his book meant as a warning warn to any of the other corrupt co-conspirators that if they gave him up he would be prepared to go scorched earth?  

As evidence continues to stream forth, remember we haven’t seen the avalanche that’s yet to be declassified, it’s become apparent that the criminal wrongdoing against Donald Trump wasn’t conducted by a “small group” of corrupt FBI officials.