ELDER PATRIOT – The European Union’s anti-trust regulator has leveled the largest fine ever – $2.71 billion – against Google for manipulating search results.  Sign ificantly, the finding opens the door for any number of civil lawsuits from companies seeking compensation for the damages they suffered the sum of which may dwarf that amount.

Google was found guilty of organizing their search results to favor their own shopping service over those of its E.U. competitors.  Nothing shines the light of day on corrupt corporate behavior, as do the financial victims of it.

What makes this so revealing is that the antagonists on both sides of this case are ideologically aligned in building the global society.  But globalization has never been about a better world vision. 

It’s always been about money and, now that so much wealth has been consolidated in so few entities, greed has taken over and they have begun warring with each other to own the whole pie and not just a piece of it.

The important takeaway from this case is the antitrust finding by the European court.  Libertarians have long defended Google to their own harm, as a private company that can do what it wants with its search results.  Conservatives have warned that Google, and other information companies that control their market segments such as Facebook and Twitter, are information pipeline monopolies and have therefore must be made to play it straight or broken up.

Imagine for a minute if your phone limited who and how many people you could call based on the contents of your calls?

This is the massive advantage that these Tech Giants provided for Hillary Clinton and that almost resulted in her election. 

By suppressing the reach of conservative websites they not only limited what political opinions and facts Americans got to view, they created financial damages that impeded the ability of the aggrieved companies to expand their investigative services.

The result was and remains not only suppression of the ideological debate but also the deliberate destruction of economic growth, new jobs, and the taxes that come along with that.

Now that Google has been held to account for stifling financial competition the door has been opened for action against Google, Facebook, and Twitter over its penchant for stifling its ideological competition. 

Let’s hope the Trump administration decides this is a fight worth having.