Here We Go: Democrats Begin Agenda of Lies to Block Trump From Making America Great Again

ELDER PATRIOT – Desperate to block the repeal of his signature piece of legislation, President Obama has enlisted the aid of Congressional attack dog leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to forestall the Republicans from gutting Obamacare.

In typical Democrat fashion they have developed a catchy phrase without any foundational truth behind it, “Make America Sick Again.”

Like everything they promised us about the unconstitutional healthcare bill – it would lower costs and improve services all while allowing you to keep your doctor – it’s a lie.

Proof comes from Obama’s own National Center for Health Statistics that just last month reported that life expectancy has declined in the U.S. since Obamacare first became law.

This latest finding removes any doubts that this law must be repealed.  Paying more for diminishing returns has long been the hallmark of Democrats’ legislative initiatives.  It doesn’t have to be our legacy.

In the same way that Democrats asked Blacks to trust them only to find them selves living on urban plantations, they are asking the rest of us to ignore the truth about Obamacare and join them in destroying our healthcare system, our personal freedoms, and the American economy.

Democrats – you just can’t trust them.  There’s a reason smart thinking Americans kicked them to the curb in November.