Globalist? BWAHAHA. She’s a Criminal and Those Supporting Her Are Criminals Too

ELDER PATRIOT – The only thing that stops criminals from committing crimes is putting them in prison. The only thing that can stop politicians from committing crimes is by voting them out of office.

Willie Sutton was a renowned bank robber who was credited with responding to a reporter’s question as to why he robs banks by saying, “because that’s where the money is.” In his autobiography Sutton denied having said this but the truth of the statement remains undeniable.

For his criminal activity Sutton spent more than half of his life in prison. This is because robbing a bank of it’s depositors’ money is against the law and conviction in a court of law carries with it significant prison time.

But there is a way to use the entire global banking system as a conduit for conducting massive theft of their depositors’ money with no risk of incarceration and Hillary Clinton has helped write many of the laws that she is now hiding behind. Behavior that would be criminal in the private sector is legal for the political elite.

This system of theft through the control of the levers of government was devised by politicians and incorporates mechanisms that include, but are not limited to federal, state, and local programs, departmental spending decisions or approvals, “too big to fail” legislative protections, climate change legislation, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and global trade agreements. The criminal network is vast and reaches virtually every aspect of government spending.

In fact, deficit spending, because it deprives future generations of the right to representation violates the singular foundation of our decision to separate from Britain – “No Taxation Without Representation.”

Corruption is not limited solely to spending, though. Decisions on who and who can’t do business and in what manner that business may be conducted do not escape those in control of government and the approval process is rife with mechanisms for the laundering of money so that politicians are rewarded for their loyalty to their bosses.

Because the politicians wrote these laws they contain provisions that allow for virtually no criminal punishment regardless of how flagrant their actions have been. You read that correctly, the provisions against failed policy relegate these offenses to bad political judgment and they rely on this premise to prohibit prosecution no matter how strong the historical precedence of that failure to the contrary.

Only if the most egregious violations can be proven to be criminally motivated and the evidence exists beyond any shadow of a doubt might they face criminal prosecution and then, only if the political will exists among other politicians who have usually been their past partners. When this does happen it’s usually because a politician has violated the “Omerta,” or code of silence that exists between them.

Through legislation they have made themselves immune from criminal prosecution but not from political purgatory. That, of course, requires the people figure out their game and remove them from power by electoral force. This is now the only protection that is still afforded to the people and the political machines spend billions of dollars every electoral cycle crafting and broadcasting messaging with the intention of instilling a false sense of their candidates’ honesty, service to country, and integrity. Of course, that leaves us dependent on the legitimacy of those counting the votes. Scary, huh?

A century of increasing government intrusion, regulations and taxation has resulted in economic stagnancy and worse. Since 1993 government has grown almost five-fold and since then we have had decades of declining wages. Why? We had the most prosperous people on earth at that time. Over that same period of time there has been an accompanying rise of a class of astonishing super-rich elites who somehow defy the gravitational economic laws that hold the rest of us down. They have also managed to escape prosecution when they commit crimes.

That politicians in control of government consistently refuse to change course, or insist on doubling down on failed programs, at the least suggests their complicity in what is increasingly proving to be a criminal enterprise that has been successful in stealing the wealth of the world’s workers and depositors.

It has become obvious that the legislative and enforcement arms of this criminal enterprise cross all party lines. The corrupting power of money knows no party affiliation.

In the United States, the heads of both political parties, and their moneyed partners in crime, were content alternating control of the legislative, enforcement and judicial branches of government because that was what was necessary to keep the public believing they were voting for a change.

This has allowed the wealth of this group of elites to multiply exponentially while the average person worldwide has been committed to ever-rising personal debt in the form of government promises. Stop to consider that the world’s most productive and “richest” nations have the highest per capita debt. How can the most prosperous peoples be in need of the most government aid?

The answer is simple, they aren’t. Only if their governments convince them that they do through slick marketing campaigns – often paid for by corporations and foreign governments that stand to benefit financially – will the people stupidly vote themselves into ever-increasing debt. The more money that filters through these programs the more ways the political crime syndicate has of diverting that money to their partners.

Each half (Republican and Democrat) of the U.S. political crime syndicate would prefer to be in control but when anyone seriously threatens control of either, they will rally to the defense of the other.

With Donald Trump’s successful coup in wresting control of the Republican Party from one half of the crime syndicate, Hillary Clinton is now the lone criminal that can prevent the defunding of their criminal enterprise, or worse.

This is made more obvious everyday by the #NeverTrump movement’s desperate acts of endorsing Mrs. Clinton and/or trashing Donald Trump over meaningless crap.

The Republicans opposing Trump are not stupid men and women. How can people who have previously sworn to us they are for the defense of the Second Amendment, the right to life, a strong military, economic freedom, a robust defense of the First Amendment and the right to openly practice their religious beliefs, and reasoned immigration that benefits the citizenry ahead of foreigners now support the lone remaining candidate who has spent her entire career and the majority of this campaign (political flip-flops aside) stridently in opposition to all of these political positions?

Where is their conscience on the rights of the unborn?

Do they believe, or care, that without the Second Amendment our liberties can long endure?

Was their support of religious freedom just political rhetoric?

The answer can only be that these NeverTrump Republicans never held fast to these positions or that they fear for their futures when their role in the crime syndicate becomes known. Either way they can no longer be trusted to remain in leadership positions.

What else can we think when, by their words and actions, they are endorsing the candidate who has promised to maintain the failed economic, trade, immigration and foreign policies of the past?

What else can we consider their reasons to be when they ignore the growing and overwhelming evidence of her wholesale corruption of the State Department?

Why have they dismissed the trail of corruption and death that has followed throughout her entire career?

Do they really think we’ll believe that they’re more upset by Donald Trump’s tone than Hillary’s failed resume? Even Hillary Clinton cannot name a single accomplishment when she was asked:

Huh? These NeverTrumpers spent Mrs. Clinton’s entire tenure as Secretary of State castigating her as corrupt and a failure, and, rightfully so. The Middle East is far less stable than when she took over, China is advancing in the South China Sea, Iran is on it’s way to becoming a nuclear power, and Russia is threatening Europe. What has changed other than Donald Trump won the Republican nomination?

Since 1992 the common denominator in this criminal enterprise have been the Clintons. From the, passage of NAFTA, to the sale of classified nuclear information to the Communist Chinese, to Hillary’s time as Secretary of State. Mrs. Clinton now seeks to ascend to the top of the crime syndicate based on her years of meritorious service to the “organization.”

The actions of the NeverTrump Republicans tell us all we need to know. They are scared shitless that Trump will end their careers of malfeasance and crime. What other conclusion do their actions allow us?