Giuliani Fires Back After Steve Hilton Smear

Fox News’ normally reliable Steve Hilton turned on President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani like so other of Fox’s on-air personalities have turned on the president’s team of defenders.

I guess that’s what you get when you hire swampster Paul Ryan to help run things.  The former Speaker, who spent two years blocking virtually every initiative of President Trump, is now on the board of Fox.

Last night, Wiltin’ Hilton accused Giuliani of trying to enrich himself while in Ukraine investigating that nation’s corruption.

Hilton’s evidence?  The New York Times. No facts.  Just innuendo. When was the last the Times told the truth about any of the allegations they’ve brought forth over the past three+ years?

Ever notice that when politicians and/or commentators are out of arguments they resort to calling their opponents racists or charging them with corruption?

Rudy fired back this morning via Twitter: 

It would seem easy enough to uncover a money trail, if one exists.  The ball is in your court, Mr. Hilton…