Gingrich: Washington Elite Intent on Destroying Trump

Elder Patriot – Last night former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich finally spoke out about his growing concerns regarding the way Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been running his investigation. 

What was originally a charge to investigate Russian involvement in our elections has devolved into a politically motivated witch-hunt by a corrupt prosecutor to find something of substance to charge President Trump with in order to erect a firewall to protect the truly guilty Washington elite:

In many ways Gingrich is the standard bearer for the Reagan legacy and the link between Reagan’s philosophy and that of Donald Trump.  Gingrich led a conservative revolution of his own when he managed to wrest control of the House by introducing a Contract with America that like Donald Trump’s agenda, called for a return to a common sense approach to government.

Gingrich is not new to this fight.  Besides leading the 1994 “Gingrich Revolution” that restored republicanism to America, he wrote a 2010 book called To Save America.  During an interview to promote the book he sat for an interview with Sean Hannity where he explained his reasons for writing the book:

“First of all, I never thought I’d write it because when I was a junior member of Congress I helped Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan proved that cutting taxes creates jobs. He proved that believing in America leads people to be proud of their country to do the right kind of things.

“He proved you could defeat an evil empire and replace the Soviet Union. So by the early 1990s I thought, you know, we’ve proven all the major tenets of modern American conservatism. And it never occurred to me that the hard left would just dig in, bury themselves in the academic world and the news media and the labor unions. And now have come back more left wing, more radical, more determined than ever.”

Last night while discussing the Mueller investigation with Sean Hannity, Gingrich had finally seen enough evidence that he abandoned his usual defense of his Washington-based friends as simply misguided academics and acknowledged that the level of corruption on the left now threatens all that is sacred in our country.

“Let me say two things.  One, I don’t think I fully appreciated until this evening how really important it was for Donald Trump to win.  If Hillary Clinton had won none of this would’ve surfaced.  They would’ve just kept covering up all of the corruption.  And, they would’ve just kept taking care of themselves.

“So, the very fact that you have this disruptive figure in the White House all of us are learning some pretty horrifying things about how sick the system is, how sick the entire process is, in ways that I would’ve thought impossible.

“I have the greatest respect for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and it is astonishing to me that you could have people at the top who are this corrupt, this profoundly dishonest.

“The second thing that struck me, listening actually to your opening monologue, if you take what General Flynn is accused of, and then you take virtually anything that Hillary has done, I mean 33,000 deletions of emails without any kind of approval, having a totally inappropriate server that was totally outside the State Department rules, I mean just go down the list, any one of her [Hillary’s] things would certainly have at least matched what they’re accusing General Flynn of.”

“So what we now know is the swamp is sicker, more corrupt, more dishonest than we thought it was.  So we just have to dig deeper and throw the rascals out. 

“We have to recognize that the election of 2018 in going to be truly historic because it is going to be between a radical left that is stunningly corrupt and the rest of us and we have to understand that this is a real fight for whether or not America is going to remain a republic that is ruled by law or whether it is going to degenerate into being a purely corrupt system of power where if you’re on the right team you can rip everybody off and be protected and if you’re on the wrong team you can be innocent and still go to jail.

“I mean I think that is how serious and how profound that is right now.  This is one of the great historic moments in American history.”

The case for Trump was always his promise to drain the swamp.  Very few, if any, of his supporters sent him to Washington to go along to get along, bide his time, or to “trim around the edges.”  Last night Newt confirmed that we were right in supporting Trump from the beginning but that the fight for our country has only just begun.  Now is no time to go wobbly.