Ghislaine Maxwell ‘Has Secret Stash of Pedophile’s Sex Tapes’ That Could Implicate World’s Most Powerful and ‘Will Try to use Them to Save Herself’… Consider the Implications

Let the message of that headline from the Daily Mail sink in.  


  • Ghislaine Maxwell, 58, has a secret stash of Jeffrey Epstein’s twisted sex tapes, a former friend exclusively revealed to
  • When officials raided Epstein’s NYC townhouse last July, they found thousands of graphic photos that included images of underage girls and a safe filled with compact discs labeled ‘nude girls’, according to authorities
  • The ex friend said: ‘Not only did Epstein like to capture himself with underage girls – he wanted to make sure he had something to hold over the rich and powerful men who took advantage of his sick largesse’
  • They added: ‘Ghislaine has always been as cunning as they come. She wasn’t going to be with Epstein all those years and not have some insurance’
  • ‘She has copies of everything Epstein had. They could implicate movers and shakers. If she goes down, she’s going to take the whole lot of them with her’


Remember back to the salacious PeeGate allegations that were later proven to be fallacious?  Remember the reaction of Washington’s establishment class – Never Trump Republicans and Anti-Trump Democrats – “Our president is open to compromise… Trump is a national security risk…”

If it merited concern back then, then the allegations of Jeffrey Epstein’s victims and the stated concerns that Ghislaine Maxwell – allegedly Epstein’s procurer of underage girls for sex with the rich and powerful – is about to spill her guts, should be sending the same politicians into an equal frenzy over national security concerns. 

The fact that these same politicians of both parties are silent speaks loudly to the likelihood that Maxwell is holding the goods that can expose a massive web of corruption by compromised powerbrokers…

Epstein accumulated a net worth estimated to exceed $1 Billion with no discernable business interests, forcing the question whether Epstein traded in the compromise of scions of industry and politics?

Who thinks that way?  Well, for starters, Clinton followers who swallowed the PeeGate narrative hook, line, and sinker.

What type of deals would Epstein have been capable of driving, and what would be the worth to American politicians and/or foreign governments?

If Russia intercepted Epstein’s compromising files, or simply outbid others for it, would that compromise have been salacious enough to convince U.S. politicians to say… give our secret missile technology to Russia (Skolkovo) … Or to sell uranium to a country Democrats insist is our enemy (Uranium One)?

If China, said to have a million military hackers, intercepted the compromise would that have been sufficient to move our manufacturing base to the communist state and to allow them to penetrate our most sensitive national security files?

How did Senator Dianne Feinstein, a former member of the Gang of Eight (the intelligence elite), get away with employing a Chinese spy with no subsequent investigation at least on the level of the Mueller special counsel?

If that information was shared with their ally, Iran, would that have been enough to incentive pushing through the Iran Nuclear Deal?

What was the value to powerful and influential captains of industry… billionaires… to own the carbon tax market?  The Paris Climate Accord?  TPP?  TTP?  On and on and on. 

Where is the damage assessment?  Denials mean nothing.  The president of the United States, Bill Clinton, stands accused…

A year ago, Conchita Sarnoff appeared with Fox News’ Shannon Bream to discuss the vast political implications surrounding the handling of the Epstein case, yet somehow, more than a year later, Sarnoff’s evidence has been ignored.  Why?

Sarnoff: “I know from the pilot logs.  And these were pilot logs that were written by different pilots at different times, that Clinton went, he was a guest of Epstein twenty-seven times…”

“… Many of those times Clinton had his Secret Service with him and many he did not.  Almost every time that Clinton’s name is on the pilot log, there are underage girls.”

The hypocrisy is rank.  Anti-Trumpers did everything in their power to destroy Brett Kavanaugh relying only on the uncorroborated allegations of a woman who claimed not to remember the year, nor the place, of the alleged assault.

Compare that to multiple women telling the same story about the rich and powerful men they were forced to service, and the abject silence from the political class and their media protectors.

The difference is Donald Trump told them he wasn’t going to play along… 

… Just like he told them the lucrative gravy train was over if he were to become president…

“Our movement is about replacing a failed and corrupt establishment with a new government, controlled by you, the American people.

“The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund it exists for only one reason, to protect and enrich itself.

“The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election for those who control the levers of power in Washington.

“And for the global special interests they partner with, these people that don’t have your good in mind, our campaign represents a true existential threat…

“…The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration, and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.”

There are trillions of dollars at stake