George Washington’s First Thanksgiving Proclamation Shows How Far Atheists Have Separated Us From Our Founding Ideals

In the fall of 1789, America’s first president, General George Washington, was asked to declare a national day of thanks by a joint resolution of Congress.

In his proclamation, Washington declared our nation’s devotion and thanks to Almighty God, or references to Him, at least 16 times.

From the National Archives:

Since Ronald Reagan bid farewell to the White House our political leaders’, with the help of the mainstream media, began pushing God out of Washington with Reagan.

It’s impossible to envision any president today referencing God more than once, and then only in closing his remarks with … And may God continue to bless the United States.

The collective rejection of God and His teachings led us to accept Clinton’s moral relativism and Obama’s political correctness – now enforced by social justice warriors who will never be mistaken as emissaries of God.

I’ll close by saying what many of my readers are thinking – may God hear our voices and forgive us for not being better stewards of the nation that he has blessed us with.

May you be blessed this season and may you have the wisdom to recognize it’s all due to His blessing.