Game On: President Trump Orders DNI Coats, A.G. Sessions, FBI Director Wray Release Unredacted Russia Investigation Files

Elder Patriot – America, here is where the rubber meets the road, finally!  Now that President Trump has ordered the declassification of all documents relevant to the Russia investigation we will know exactly who has been chasing a conspiracy theory for the past two years.

It should be clear which side we fall on on.  For the uninitiated, we believe that the Obama administration ordered, and got acceptance, from its intelligence community to illegally target candidate and later President Donald Trump in order to destroy his ability to govern and to remove him from office.

The fact that President Trump just moments ago ordered his Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Dan Coats, Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and FBI Director Christopher Wray to release all pertinent investigative materials suggests that the evidence will show widespread corruption infested the highest levels of former President Obama’s cabinet.

If that is true, the question will then turn to; “what did President Obama know and when did he know it?

President Trump has met a hard wall of obstruction and deprecation from adversarial Democrats ever since his election.  Establishment Republicans like Bob Corker and Jeff Flake continue their opposition to the president’s America First agenda to this day.

In coordination with his order the White House released this tweet:

This suggests that President Trump believes that in the interest of healing the country’s seemingly irreparable divide, transparency takes precedence over protecting the methods and sources that may accompany the release.

Here is the White House statement announcing the release that confirms the president’s reasoning:

For many of us whose reporting have been forced onto life support by Facebook, Google, Youtube et al, ostensibly for peddling fake news and conspiracy theories this is the moment we have been working towards and waiting for.

Facebook, open your platform and let Americans see the raw, unvarnished truth.  If you don’t then you’ll vacate the last amount of legitimacy you are clinging to.