Gallup Poll: Congress Tied For Least Honest and Ethical

Elder Patriot – In a poll released by Gallup last Thursday, Americans said they held Congress in the lowest esteem among all of the professions that were included.

Only 8% of respondents rated members of Congress to have high or very high levels of honesty and ethical standards.  That tied them with car salespeople.

However, when respondents’ rating of “average” is added in car salesmen are considered to be more honest and ethical by a 14-point margin, 55 to 41%.

With that expanded criteria, telemarketers drop into a tie with Congress, both with 41%.

Fully 58% of those polled have a low or very low opinion of the swamp dwellers.  One percent had their heads so far up their arses that their responses could not be determined.

Except for telemarketers, who came close with 56% holding low/very opinions and 2% with no opinion, no other group came close to that level of disgust.  Even car salesmen scored 14-points less offensive than members of Congress.

Face it, Congress has the lowest approval ratings possible but the highest incumbent return rate imaginable.  That may explain the fourth lowest-rated profession – Advertising practitioners.

Apparently, with enough money, the marketing geniuses can put enough lipstick on these Congressional pigs to make them re-electable.  That may also explain why their re-election campaigns have become so costly.

By contrast, those rated the most honest and exhibiting the highest ethics are nurses, medical doctors, and pharmacists – people who actually help other people and who have no, zip, zero, nada marketing geniuses on their payrolls.