Our Future is in Trump’s Hands. Paul Ryan and John McCain Must Go

ELDER PATRIOT – Donald Trump has begun a movement to return America’s government to the people while Paul Ryan and John McCain have spent the past eight years colluding with the Democrats to turn America over to the world’s financial elite. 

Trump had watched as both political parties worked in unison to serve the interests of globalist fat cats and he became determined to do something about it.  Like other dilapidated properties that Donald Trump salvaged and restored to their previous greatness he put his money where his heart is and began conducting a hostile takeover of the entire political establishment. 

Unlike virtually every other Washington insider he’s doing it largely with his own money.  That’s what American patriots have always done from the time our Founders mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor.

Trump had watched silently while Ryan and McCain, among a host of others had used their powers in Congress and the Senate to deliver virtually everything President Obama asked for with the sole exception of amnesty for illegal immigrants.  Their opposition to Obama’s globalist agenda has been so minimal that it led Ted Cruz to take to the floor of the Senate earlier this year asking if there was anything remaining of the progressive agenda that that Democrats could’ve advanced if they had been in control of the two chambers instead of Republicans.

It had become obvious to everyday citizens that an oligarchy had taken control of their government and that it was no longer serving them. 

On the single issue of amnesty, Congress blocked it from passing, but only by a single vote.  That vote, was provided by Dave Brat, who had shocked the Washington establishment by defeating Eric Cantor for the Republican nomination in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District’s House seat in 2014, and then going on to win the general election. 

Cantor had been among the leaders in the House and had been a vocal proponent of amnesty.  Since leaving office Cantor was rewarded for his service to the elites having been appointed vice chairman of Moelis & Company.  Cantor has become a regular attendee to the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland where the financial elite convene every year to discuss the legislation they want enacted by governments around the world in order to enrich themselves at the expense of hard-working working men and women.

We all owe a debt of gratitude to our fellow Republicans from Virginia for saving us from the nightmare of amnesty that would’ve changed the electoral map forever.  By replacing that one vote in congress the voters in that district of Virginia laid the groundwork for Trump to have a chance of being elected.

As average Americans helplessly watched Washington’s ruling class strip them of their freedoms and their financial independence Donald Trump moved into action.  His first move was to seize control of one of the two major political parties to establish a legitimate base of operations.

Where once Trump had been a member of the elites, if only as a major donor, he was a patriot before anything else.  Perhaps Trump knew the depth of the corruption and collusion between the two political parties when he first announced his candidacy, but if he didn’t the depth of the left-right coalition was driven home very quickly when the Republican elites who rule over us formed a never Trump coalition of the party’s most powerful figures to try to stop him. 

The corporate media refused to ask these never Trumpers which of Trump’s policies they disagreed with.  They just claimed Trump wasn’t a true conservative and the corporate media obligingly reported that.  No one in the corporate media asked them what they had done during their decades of leadership to advance conservative principles.  The reason that question was never asked is simple because they had done nothing.

Republican voters, aided by Independents and an alarming number of fed up Democrats who had watched their opportunity for a better life getting sucked down the drain by unfettered immigration and horrendous trade deals, heard Trump’s message and propelled him to the Republican Party nomination with a record number of votes.

What happened next exposed the oligarchy and proved that it no longer represented the American people but instead represented the world’s financial interests.  The never Trumpers, in what amounts to a complete capitulation to the Progressive movement, told us we should vote for Hillary Clinton. 

Washington’s ruling elite had already passed legislation with high-sounding names like the National Defense Authorization Act by almost unanimous votes that gave the president the right to override at least three, and possibly as many as five (depending on Supreme Court interpretation,) of our constitutional protections guaranteed in the Bill of Rights ostensibly to save America from Americans.  You read that correctly, the government, no matter how corrupt it might become, was to be protected before and above everything else including its own citizens.

Now these same traitors are conspiring with Hillary Clinton to infringe on our First, Second and Tenth Amendment rights that they know will she will begin doing as soon as she appoints a single liberal Supreme Court judge and starts signing executive actions.  They know this because she has already made her plans known.

After Trump secured his beachhead by gaining control of the Republican Party, Trump and his supporters dug in deeper for the battle ahead because they realized that the entire political machine was now in motion to destroy the freedom fighter by any means possible.  The elites, with the help of their corporately-owned mainstream media allies, had brought the United States to the tipping point of global government following 28 years of Bush (4,) Clinton (8,) Bush (8,) and Obama (8,) and they were not about to allow one man to set them back again as Ronald Reagan had done when he bucked the establishment 36 years ago.

It’s not clear how many Democrat voters – union members, Blacks, Hispanics, the LGBTQ community – realize how they’ve been used by these elites.  The elites don’t care about the rights of minorities they care about their votes so that they can continue fleecing the American people’s hard-earned prosperity.  It is now up to them to awaken to this or they too will come to realize the stupidity of voting for a single issue.

This brings us to Paul Ryan and John McCain who have been leaders in delivering the Republican controlled Congress the votes they needed to advance virtually all of the progressive agenda and to the doorstep of global government. 

In this regard Ryan and McCain are no different than traitorous or at least failed wartime generals.  They must be removed and replaced.  It is now up to Republican voters to vote for their opponents if our constitutional protections are to survive, just as Benedict Arnold had to be removed under orders from George Washington so that the original American revolution would survive. 

Ryan and McCain have proven one thing during their long and destructive reign, the global elites can count on their votes but we, the people, can’t.

If voting for a Democrat sounds like heresy consider the following.  This is precisely what both Ryan and McCain are proposing when it comes to Donald Trump.  There is one major difference, however.  If Ryan and McCain are left to continue lording over their respective houses of Congress, and Hillary Clinton were to be elected president, we have no reason to expect our slide into tyranny to be reversed.

There is hope though that if Donald Trump were to win the presidency and he were rid of Ryan and McCain we might have a chance to return our government to one that is of the people, for the people, and by the people.  Just maybe.

Donald Trump recently completed turning the Post Office on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C. from a dilapidated edifice into something greater than it ever was before. 

Now it’s the voters’ turn to help Trump return America to its past grandeur and beyond.  It’s time to tell Paul Ryan and John McCain, “you’re fired!”