Futile Wisconsin Recount Effort Explained

ELDER PATRIOT – “We’ve been around for 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections. We’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and that is what must be expected of anyone standing on a debate stage during a general election.”   Hillary Clinton during the third presidential debate.

Of course Mrs. Clinton said that when she believed that her campaign’s massive advantage in the “ground game” guaranteed her election.  You know, the “ground game” being run in large part by her minions like Scott Foval and Robert Creamer.

What Mrs. Clinton couldn’t fathom was being so soundly rejected by the voters that all of the voter and election fraud that was committed on her behalf couldn’t overcome the tsunami of support for Donald Trump.

So now she’s participating in recounts in three states – Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – that she lost by 107,000 votes a margin and that everyone, including Mrs. Clinton, admits she cannot overcome.  Mrs. Clinton had conceded the election publicly but it is clear as day that her fingerprints are all over the recount effort.

Jill Stein who is fronting the recount demand will benefit by gaining money and name recognition.

Judge Andrew Napolitano sought to clarify what’s going on with the Wisconsin recount:

“We start out with the premise that the election laws do not guarantee a perfect outcome but that they guarantee a fair outcome.  However, not withstanding that, Wisconsin’s laws permit a recount without any showing whatsoever of any unfairness or inaccuracy.  Come up with the cash and you get the recount.”

No recount in American history ever moved the vote total more than a few hundred votes in a different direction so it seems reasonable to ask why anyone would contribute $6.7 million to funding the recount in Wisconsin where Donald Trump won by more than 27,000 votes.

Wisconsin Representative Sean Duffy explained why to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson:

Rep. Duffy told Carlson that the goal of Dane County, Wisconsin progressives is to slow walk the recount by demanding a hand recount with the intention of failing to have it completed by December 20th, the date that Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker must certify the results so that the correct slate of electors can be authorized to the electoral college.

So who is funding Stein’s recount and why are Clinton’s lawyers fully involved in this effort?  After all, it’s hard to believe that Stein who barely raised $3.5 million over the course of her entire campaign was able to suddenly raise almost double that in a few days when she has absolutely no chance to overturn the results.

Keep this in mind, while $6.7 million is big money to Stein it’s small potatoes to the billions of dollars billionaires and foreign governments have invested in Hillary Clinton.

Here’s what is going on.  If the recount isn’t completed on time Governor Walker will simply certify the results that he believes to be fair, as the law requires.  And this is exactly when Clinton’s legal team will spring into action.

Clinton’s team will head to court and demand an injunction to block Scott Walker from certifying the result.  They know they can’t win in court.  Clinton’s financial backers who came up with the funds know they can’t win in court.  But they are intent on creating the claims of a Constitutional crisis and discrediting the Trump victory to whatever extent possible.  It’s just one more piece of their overall strategy to undermine Trump’s legitimacy.

It’s unlikely that Mrs. Clinton even wants to be a participant in any of this but she has no choice.  She chose to represent the globalists’ interests and accepted as much as $2 billion from them for her campaign alone.  Then there’s another $2 billion that they gave to the Clinton Foundation.  The full amount “invested” in her is actually even greater.

She accepted this money fully aware that she was expected to move against the interests of Americans when they demanded her to do so.  And now they are calling in this chit.

Hillary Clinton is yesterday’s news and every unbiased observer recognizes this fact.  Hillary knows that she will not have the energy in four years to turn the clock back on the things that Trump will accomplish in the interim.  Importantly, her globalist handers are already kicking themselves for making her responsible for delivering the United States to the altar of the new world order. 

But the Globalist movement is bigger than she is and it is nefarious.  They are out for Trump’s scalp and if she doesn’t do their bidding they will be out for hers as well. 

The world’s billionaire globalists began discrediting Donald Trump immediately following him winning the nomination.  At that time, Mrs. Clinton was merely their mouthpiece.   She was never their leader.

Now they will not rest until he is either defeated or dead.