Funny Thing… Rogue CDC Director Who Gave Alarming Press Conference, Dr. Nancy Messonnier, is Rod Rosenstein’s Sister

There’s very little that stands in the way of President Trump’s reelection.  It’s impossible of any serious minded person to consider the clowns vying for the Democrat nomination espousing open borders as anything other than a sad sideshow.

The one thing we know they would refuse to do to protect the American people from the coronavirus is shut down our borders.  

Instead we are serenaded by the Marxist media endlessly repeating that Donald Trump is too stupid to handle this crisis.  Except, thanks to President Trump’s swift and decisive actions, it’s not a crisis. At least not yet.

U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Resources Alex Azar appeared with Lou Dobbs on Tuesday night to outline America’s preparation and prevention efforts.

On January 31st, a proactive President Trump initiated a national health emergency instituting a travel ban and assembling a Coronavirus taskforce.  

The assemblage of talent was praised as the best compilation of talent available by those with knowledge of such things.

That enabled Secretary Azar to announce, more than three weeks later, the number of U.S. originating cases at 14 has not changed since the initial diagnosis.  No cause for alarm.

This will never do… the Coronavirus is the last best hope to tank the economy prior to the November election.

Time for another anti-Trumper to climb out of their hole…

On Wednesday, a rogue official at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), pushed the panic button during a conference call with the media.

“We are asking the American public to work with us to prepare for the expectation that this could be bad.” … “I understand this whole situation may seem overwhelming and that disruption to everyday life may be severe. But these are things that people need to start thinking about now.” – 

Dr. Nancy Messonnier is director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases.  Her irresponsible, unfounded (at this time), and alarmist message of abject panic was quickly repeated by the anti-America media.

Following the doctor’s rogue presser, markets tanked… and continued tanking after the Marxist media discredited the Trump administration’s proactive response, proven containment strategies, and presser yesterday.

Mission accomplished…

So exactly who is Dr. Nancy Messonnier?  Try Rod “let me wear a wire” Rosenstein who played a primary role in the attempted coup against President Trump when he appointed Robert Mueller special counsel despite no evidence warranting it.

At present, the facts belie Dr. Messonnier’s dire predictions.

According to the CDC, there are 53 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the U.S.  

Forty cases came from passengers repatriated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship that was quarantined off the coast of Japan.  HHS confirms 36 of the cases are directly attributed to the cruise ship, three patients were infected in Wuhan and later evacuated to the U.S., and the rest were U.S. persons infected while traveling overseas prior to the January 31st travel ban.

In some cases, more people than this are shot in Chicago over a long weekend.

All have been quarantined and expected to recover.

Could the virus breakout and necessitate a major response and disruption of markets?  President Trump acknowledged that is always a possibility but that currently there is no evidence that is likely and certainly not that it’s inevitable as Dr. Messonnier suggested.

Here’s what we do know… 

Only Donald Trump had the stones to close the border, the single most effective way to limit the spread of any disease.  Democrats resisted and criticized him for this.

Only Donald Trump demanded an uncoupling of manufacturing from China.  Now we learn that 95% of the raw materials for pharmaceuticals, and a similar percentage of medical supplies are manufactured in China.  

Where do you think those products will be directed if the coronavirus becomes a legitimate pandemic?  When Trump talked about the national security aspects of uncoupling from China, Democrats and RINOs resisted and criticized him for this.

None of the clowns running for the Democrats’ nomination, heck, not a single Democrat in Congress would have taken these actions.