Europeans Chant “We Want Trump” – President’s Nationalism Transcends Boundaries – Becomes Worldwide Movement

Elder Patriot – It seems we have reached the point that that global cabal and their mainstream media propaganda mercenaries were dreading – the moment that Donald Trump became a global leader.

That moment has come thanks to his commitment to focusing his agenda of America First, the almost immediate and overwhelming economic success that was achieved, and his invitation to the world leaders assembled at the United Nations General Assembly to turn their attention to making their countries great again.

As a businessman, Trump built his global real estate empire by making each property the best it could be, not by borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.  He’s now inviting leaders across the globe to do the same.

Even as those leaders ignore his message, the people of the world – the ones suffering from confiscatory taxes, burdensome regulations put in place to curb economic development, and the civil unrest and costs mass migration – have heard him.

Even as oil prices have plummeted, the propaganda mercenaries attempt to blame the rioting in France on high gas prices.  Nothing could be more transparently absurd. In France, high gas prices are almost all attributable to taxes put in place by French President Emmanuel Macron ostensibly as a hedge against the global warming scam.

The British are joining the Great Wakening: (Video is not properly captioned) 

The awakening isn’t limited to Europe, either.

Mexicans too, realize that Trump’s nationalism isn’t based on racism but rather on the maintenance of an orderly society and economic realities:

“And my admiration is for the President because he is defending his borders.

“Which President?”

“Donald Trump, he continues to defend his borders, not like here in Mexico where politicians are corrupt and do not defend their borders.”

Objective observers, who can see around the bias the mainstream media opinion filter is imposing on us, are being forced to admit that Donald Trump is leading a worldwide movement without the foreign interventions that have marked past world leaders and totalitarians.

By focusing on the success of the American people he has dusted off “that shining city on a hill” that has, for so long, served as a beacon of example for the world’s people.