Fox News Silences Investigative Reporter For Exposing Soros’ Ties to the Honduran Caravan

Elder Patriot – This morning USA Today reported:

Fox Business Network has condemned statements made by a guest [Chris Farrell] on Lou Dobbs Tonight after he suggested the migrant caravan headed from Central American countries to the U.S. was funded by billionaire liberal philanthropist George Soros, who is Jewish.

The guest, Chris Farrell, who is the director of investigations and research for the right-leaning group Judicial Watch, appeared on the network’s nightly show Thursday and the segment was rebroadcast Saturday, the same day as a mass shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue.

During the segment, Farrell claimed the “Soros-occupied State Department” was funding the large caravan of migrants headed north through Mexico. Soros, a Holocaust survivor, is known for his philanthropy as well as his liberal political activism, and is one of several high-profile Democrats who were mailed suspicious packages last week.

Sadly, Fox News seems to be way off base in defending Soros.

The billionaire financier, while Jewish, is an admitted Nazi collaborator – a man who sold out his people to gain protection and perhaps wealth for himself.  Here he is being interviewed on 60 Minutes by Steve Croft:

Croft: That sounds like an experience that would send a lot of people to the psychiatric couch for manny, many years.  Was it difficult?

Soros: Not at all.  Not at all.

Labeling Soros a Jew is akin to calling Benedict Arnold an American general.  But the media is busy assigning sides following the shooting rampage at the Jewish Temple in Pittsburgh.

Here’s the true story about the funding of this caravan and why it may have been premature of Fox News to dismiss Farrell.

According to Judicial Watch who had deployed Farrell to the scene:

The migrant caravan marching northbound through Central America is an “elaborately planned” movement that’s benefiting human smugglers and bringing disturbing numbers of violent gang members and other criminal elements through Guatemala, according to government sources in the capital city. “MS-13 gang members have been detained and coyotes (human smugglers) are joining the march with clients who pay to get smuggled into the United States,” a Guatemalan official told Judicial Watch. People from Asian countries waiting to get smuggled into the U.S. through Central America are also integrating with poor Hondurans in the caravan, a high-level Guatemalan government source confirmed. Among them are nationals of Bangladesh, a south Asian Islamic country that’s well known as a recruiting ground for terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda Indian Subcontinent (AQIS). “There are lots of dirty businesses associated with this,” Guatemalan authorities told Judicial Watch. “There’s lots of human trafficking.”

The so-called caravan of invaders is being aided by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Peter Sutherland is the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for International Migration and Development to the UNHCR.  Follow Sutherland’s links to George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation.

In May of 2016 Soros’ Open Society Foundations released their International Migration Initiative – Migration Governance and Enforcement Portfolio Review:

The Columbia Global Policy Initiative (CGPI), which hosts the secretariat for Peter Sutherland, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative on International Migration, has been able to take advantage of momentum created by the current crisis to shape conversations about rethinking migration governance.


When we made the CGPI grant, even we were somewhat skeptical about the appetite for reform of the institutions that govern elements of migration at the international level, and the pace at which it might proceed. Nonetheless, we recognized the importance of starting this discussion, and the political capital Sutherland could leverage to bring high-level attention to the issue. This gamble has arguably paid off: as the September UN and President Obama’s summits on migrants and refugees have taken shape, Sutherland’s team has effectively drawn on work and thinking it had already done to influence the scope and deliverables of these two meetings. IMI’s access to the Sutherland team’s discussions has allowed us to keep civil society partners up-to-date on the latest developments, in order to inform advocacy and campaigning strategies prior to the events and to plan follow up actions.

CGPI’s elite-level behind the scenes advocacy through Peter Sutherland, has positioned its team of experts to influence policy and practical follow-up to global events.

Soros’ Open Societies Foundation’s ties to, involvement in, and funding of, the U.N.’s open borders migration plan is unquestioned.  

We also know from the U.N. Secretary-General’s Report that CGPI is a stakeholder in the U.N.’s Refugees and Migrants programs.

Soros’ support of CGPI is clear.  CGPI’s support of the UNHCR/OHCHR is likewise documented.

So was Farrell speaking out of turn?  We have yet to find evidence that George Soros – or one of his foundations – has directly funded this particular caravan or any of those migrants traveling with it.  But it also is not arguable that Soros has funded agencies of the U.N. that are aiding and abetting this caravan.

That support was admitted to by the UN News website:

A priority for UNHCR, which has mobilized extra staff and resources to help those making the journey in Mexico’s southern borderlands, is ensuring migrants are informed on their rights to asylum..

It’s likely that President Trump saw this coming when, earlier this year, he ordered U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley to advise the U.N. that the United States was withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council.

When making the announcement Haley called the UNHRC “hypocritical and self-serving” and she said it “makes a mockery of human rights.”