Former Vice President & Current Senators Are the Reason Roy Moore’s Supporters Won’t Leave Him

Elder Patriot – Roy Moore’s supporters are not the hypocritical rubes that the mainstream media wants you to believe they are.  They have been hardened by the political realities that have been slapping them in the face ever since Bill Clinton was given a pass for raping Juanita Broaddrick.

Former Democratic Vice President Joe Biden has been inappropriately touching women and young girls since he came to Washington.  The governing elite and the mainstream media has chosen to ignore Biden’s perverse behavior.

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey is currently in the midst of a federal trial for, among other things, traveling to the Dominican Republic to engage in sex with 15-year old prostitutes.  The mainstream media has been largely mum in reporting this explosive trial. 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell never so much as suggested the need for an ethics investigation regarding Menendez’s penchant for young girls despite federal charges against him.

Today’s revelations about Democratic Minnesota Senator Al Franken’s sexual mistreatment of at least one woman has, so far, been ignored about the mainstream media.  And, again Mitch McConnell has not yet come forth to begin the process of unseating him.  He’s not likely to either.

Roy Moore’s supporters see what we all see, that the swamp protects its pro-abortion globalists. 

Moore’s supporters are being asked to take on faith the allegations of troubled women whose claims can no longer be corroborated or disproved following almost four decades of silence.

Gloria Allred presented a single piece of evidence yesterday that appears to be doctored and she has refused to make that evidence available to experts to verify its authenticity.

Unlike the protected establishmentarians referred to above, Moore’s supporters see no videos, no pictures, and no federal indictment to convince them of Moore’s guilt.

Here’s what they do know.

Moore’s opponent is a pro-abortion – including up until the moment of birth – open-borders, tax and spend liberal and a defender of trans genders’ right to use the same restroom as their daughters.

Given the option of electing a man who they know will never represent their interests (and who we may yet learn has his own sexual improprieties hidden away) or a man who has proven over a thirty-eight year career that he can be counted on to religiously vote to defend their beliefs they are standing by their man.

The conservative who Roy Moore defeated in the initial primary, Representative Mo Brooks summed up his fellow Alabamians feelings:

“America faces huge challenges that are vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago.

“Who will vote in America’s best interests on Supreme Court justices, deficit and debt, economic growth, border security, national defense, and the like? Socialist Democrat Doug Jones will vote wrong. Roy Moore will vote right. Hence, I will vote for Roy Moore.”

Then Brooks added his doubt over the veracity of Moore’s accusers:

“There are millions of people in America who would lie in a heartbeat if it meant adding another Democrat to the Senate.”