Former Top U.S. Central Banker and Globalist Spills The Beans on How the Fed Manipulates Our Economy to Alter Elections

Elder Patriot – – And now you have it. 

Former top US central banker, Bill Dudley wrote an op-ed for Bloomberg in which he called for the Federal Reserve to shut down the Trump economic revival in order to defeat popular U.S. president, Donald Trump.

President Trump has been quickly dismantling the global banking community’s, century in the making, stranglehold on the world economy that began in 1913 with legislation establishing the Federal Reserve. 

In December of 1913, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and the next day President Woodrow Wilson signed it into law establishing the Federal Reserve and giving it the power to control the issuance of our money.  

It only took a few years before Wilson expressed his regret:

Trump’s willingness to confront the globalists’ artificial construct, and his success at doing so, is the reason he is so reviled by these central bankers who, if left unchecked, would turn us all into Chinese serfs.

The disdain Dudley has shown for the voters who elected Trump is immeasurable.  The Fed doesn’t exist to determine trade policy. If it has any purpose at all, it exists to level out the effects of the president’s, sometimes necessary for foreign defense, policies.

Ron Paul warned us this was the way the Fed would operate.

The Fed’s role in triggering the great recession of 2008 is documented here.  This illustrates how that aided globalist was installed as president.

Bill Dudley simply told us the truth.