Former Google Engineer Blows Whistle on Search Giant: CEO SUNDAR PICHAI LIED TO CONGRESS

Elder Patriot – Former Google engineer Mike Wacker, writing for the, confirmed that his research led him to conclude that Google CEO lied to Congress:

“We now know that Sundar’s statement to Congress was false, but we do not know the exact reason why. One possibility is that Sundar deliberately misled Congress. Another possibility — to borrow a term of art from the NCAA — is that there was a “lack of institutional control” at Google, and it was this lack of control that led to this false statement.

“(However, it is difficult for Sundar to plead ignorance here, considering that the deceptive news blacklist had been approved by Ben Gomes, who directly reports to Sundar.)”

Pichai’s lie followed questions from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) asking Pichai about some less than flattering search results for Donald Trump:

Democrat Lofgren displays her willingness to accept and repeat (embellish) whatever excuse Pichai answers with.:

“I think it’s important to talk about how search works. Right now, if you Google the word “idiot” under images, a picture of Donald Trump comes up. I just did that. How would that happen? How does search work so that that would occur?”

Pichai answers Lofgren with a carefully scripted line of bullshit that essentially claimed that the image of Donald Trump that came back was the result of an objective, automated process.

Lofgren then repeated Pichai’s statement:

“So it’s not some little man sitting behind the curtain figuring out what we’re going to show the user? It’s basically a compilation of what users are generating and trying to sort through that information.”

Pichai, followed by telling Congress:

“We don’t manually intervene on any particular search result.” 

Except Wacker, possessing the technical skills to investigate, turned up evidence that Pichai was lying.  

Wacker’s interest was sparked following an article written by Alexandra DeSanctis after an article that appeared in Slate by Pro-Choice writer, April Glaser where she wrote:

“Before I raised the issue with YouTube late last week, the top search results for “abortion” on the site were almost all anti-abortion — and frequently misleading.”

DeSanctis then wrote:

“YouTube has apparently changed the search results on its site for the term “abortion” after Slate writer April Glaser contacted the company last Friday to ask “why anti-abortion videos saturated the search results for ‘abortion,’ and if the platform thought accurate, health-focused information had a place there.”

The results of Glaser’s search were all generated automatically.  Why then did the algorithms suddenly change following Glaser’s complaint to YouTube?  Wacker became determined to find the answer.

What Wacker found proved Google had manually altered search results and that, therefore, Pichai had lied:

To reference the infamous phrase “alternative facts,” the change essentially used an alternative algorithm that delivers alternative search results. A special file named youtube_controversial_query_blacklist could be used to manually trigger this alternative algorithm. For any search or query that matched an entry on that blacklist, YouTube would blacklist the normal search results, switching over to the alternative search results instead.

The smoking gun I had discovered was a change that added two entries to that blacklist: “abortion” and “abortions”. As a result of this change, searches for those terms displayed the alternative search results. The change had been made at Dec 14, 2018, 3:17 PM PST, mere hours after April Glaser of Slate had emailed YouTube.

Wacker’s findings confirm Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari’s revelations, made in January, that search results for the Irish abortion referendum, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, and anti-gun activist David Hogg had also been manually manipulated.

At that time Bokhari wrote:

The existence of the blacklist was revealed in an internal Google discussion thread leaked to Breitbart News by a source inside the company who wishes to remain anonymous. A partial list of blacklisted terms was also leaked to Breitbart by another Google source.

In the leaked discussion thread, a Google site reliability engineer hinted at the existence of more search blacklists, according to the source.

“We have tons of white- and blacklists that humans manually curate,” said the employee. 

In June, video journalists at Project Veritas captured videos of Google executive Jen Gennai telling a PV reporter how Google is manipulating the algorithms that determine search results in order to prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.

In August 2015, Left leaning Politico reported the findings of researcher Robert Epstein who made a study of the power Google has to move voters:

“Google, Inc. has amassed far more power to control elections—indeed, to control a wide variety of opinions and beliefs—than any company in history has ever had. Google’s search algorithm can easily shift the voting preferences of undecided voters by 20 percent or more—up to 80 percent in some demographic groups—with virtually no one knowing they are being manipulated.”


“Our new research leaves little doubt about whether Google has the ability to control voters. In laboratory and online experiments conducted in the United States, we were able to boost the proportion of people who favored any candidate by between 37 and 63 percent after just one search session. The impact of viewing biased rankings repeatedly over a period of weeks or months would undoubtedly be larger.”

False statements made to Congress is perjurious.  Pichai’s false statement gave cover to liberal activists who are putting their thumbs on the scale, and ended what would have been a necessary an inquiry before it got started.

Wacker’s conclusion:

Whatever the [Pichai’s] reason was, one thing remains clear: it created a clear violation of trust. Google CEO Sundar Pichai cannot be trusted to tell the truth to Congress.