Foremost National Security Expert Asserts Trump’s Cabinet Picks Will Make Good on Campaign’s Promises

ELDER PATRIOT – Sebastian Gorka is one of our nation’s most respected experts on national security.

His resume stands as proof of his bona fides on everything from national security, to irregular warfare and terrorism, as well as democratization.

That is why his recent statements concerning Donald Trump’s appointments of Jeff Sessions to be his Attorney General, Mike Pompeo to head the CIA and General Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor are so significant.

When questioned about president-elect Trump’s national security team Dr. Gorka had this to say, “You can rest easy now the grownups are in charge.  The adults are back in the White House and in the cabinet.


“I can tell you having met with different members of the transition team there is one question whether you’re on the bottom whether you’re a cabinet member there is one question, ‘do you understand that Donald Trump isn’t here to dicker around the fringes, we are not here for incremental change, this is getting America back on track and if you share that vision whether you’re the future Secretary of State or whether you’re some lowly GS-7 employee then you can be part of the team.”

Donald Trump told the voters he had put aside his successful business ventures to Make America Great Again.  As proof of his commitment he put his money where his mouth which is something no other modern president, and very few if any politicans, can say.  Now, with every appointment it’s becoming clear that Trump plans on keeping his promises.