Foreign Workers Stripped of “Most Favored” Status as DOJ Begins Fulfilling Trump Campaign Promise

Elder Patriot – Attorney General Jeff Sessions was often the lone voice in the Senate defending American workers against illegal immigrants during his years of service in the upper chamber.  Sessions was also the first U.S. Senator to endorse Donald Trump largely because Trump promised to protect the interests of American workers.

Now as President Trump’s choice to head the Department of Justice, Sessions has begun enforcing the “Protecting U.S. Workers Initiative,” which was launched on March 1st.  

The Department of Justice announced yesterday it has filed a lawsuit against a Colorado corporation for allegedly discriminating against U.S. workers.  

According to a Fox News report:

“The complaint alleges that in 2016, Crop Production discriminated against at least three United States citizens by refusing to employ them as seasonal technicians in El Campo, Texas, because Crop Production preferred to hire temporary foreign workers under the H-2A visa program.”

This is the first company that has been officially charged but the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division has opened 29 such investigations and has obtained at least one settlement with a company for discriminating against American workers by favoring foreign visa holders.  That settlement resulted in $100,000 being distributed to Americans who had been wrongly denied work.

Attorney General Sessions released the following statement:

In the spirit of President Trump’s Executive Order on Buy American and Hire American, the Department of Justice will not tolerate employers who discriminate against U.S. workers because of a desire to hire temporary foreign visa holders. Where there is a job available, U.S. workers should have a chance at it before we bring in workers from abroad.”

Former President Obama believed in borderless one world governance and ignored American workers in favor of low wage foreigners that his corporate benefactors lobbied for.

To a large degree, President Trump’s promise to protect American workers carried the formerly reliably blue states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan as well as the swing state of Ohio.  And yesterday’s announcement shows that he’s begun rewarding the faith those voters placed in him.

This initiative would’ve never taken place under a Hillary Clinton presidency.  The DOJ would be too busy destroying email records and covering the tracks of Hillary’s sale of sensitive technologies and other assets to hostile foreign powers.

The mainstream media has ignored reporting on the enforcement of these civil rights violations.  The significance of this move comes after eight years of Obama job creation that saw two-thirds of all new jobs go to foreigners while the ranks of out-of-work Americans swelled to record highs.

Donald Trump’s policies are designed to help American workers, as the policies of any American president should.  Unfortunately, the Democrats no longer care about the American worker.  For them there’s a much larger voting block to be courted – “the citizens of the world” – and a much richer donor pool to be tapped – global corporations and foreign governments rich from taxing the work of their citizens.