Foreign Election Interference: Obama Caught Doing…

Elder Patriot- Sadly, we are learning on a daily basis that there were no limits to former President Barack Obama’s destructive policies or how much of our money he would spend to implement them.

We are also learning the extent of his hypocrisy.  When it came to light that Russia had bought $100,000 in Facebook ads, his holdovers reported it as proof of collusion to benefit the Trump campaign. 

Well guess what?  The pious Obama has been doing exactly the same thing he and Hillary have accused Russia of doing. 

There is a small difference though.  Where the Russian money could not be tied to the benefit of either candidate – Trump or Hillary – the money Obama’s State Department was seven times greater and targeted solely to destroy the administration of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Under Obama’s orders the State Department authorized a $700,000 grant to support “objective media” to “lead to democratic reforms” in NATO ally and European Union (EU) member state Hungary.

Don’t be misled by the high sounding objectives.  The funding was allocated to harm the Hungarian prime minister who Republican Congressman Andy Harris characterized as a vocal supporter of President Trump since early on in the campaign and Orbán’s approaches to many policy issues including defense, security, antiterrorism, foreign policy or immigration closely mirror those of President Trump.

“Just as President Trump has declared ‘America First’ so too has Hungary pursued its own national interests, many times in the face of liberal, Soros funded, opposition.”

Rep. Harris has called on his congressional colleagues to end the Obama-era policy of interfering in foreign elections as Obama’s State Department also was caught doing when it targeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In making his request Congressman Harris called Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán “an outspoken defender” of Western civilization and of Hungary’s “traditional values and cultural heritage… and the leading European voice against mass immigration and the hegemony of Brussels”.

Now that Rep. Harris has called attention to this Obama travesty expect President Trump to demand Secretary of State Rex Tillerson immediately cut the funding for this program.