Food Chain Quietly Supplies Food and Drink to Donors Giving Blood to Help Victims of Gay Nightclub Massacre

ELDER PATRIOT – The LGBT community targeted Chick-fil-A in 2012 because the founder of the company is a devout Christian who had answered a reporter’s question regarding his views on gay marriage honestly and in accordance with his religion.  He simply said that he didn’t agree with gay marriage, nothing more.  He never advocated for harm to come to any gays in particular nor to the LGBT community in general.

For this, gays boycotted the restaurant chain, attempted to humiliate Chick-fil-A customers by having same-sex couples kiss inside of as many stores as organizers could arrange, and even vandalized a number of stores.  Johns Hopkins, a school that has extended open arms to Muslims banned Chick-fil-A from campus.

So what happens when a Muslim shoots over one hundred partygoers at a gay nightclub in Orlando?

Despite having been previously attacked by the gay community, the company remained true to its calling to follow the teachings of Christ.  This Sunday morning, when the LGBT community was in need, Chick-fil-A turned the other cheek and began working overtime to produce and deliver food to those who were donating blood to save as many of the victims as possible. 

Chick-fil-A sought no fanfare for this act of generosity making no mention of it anywhere.  It took a Florida attorney and radio host to take notice and post information about the fast food giant’s Christian act of kindness.

This stands in stark contrast to the lack of action by America’s Muslim business community. 

As gays reflexively line up to support Hillary Clinton they would do themselves a favor and stop to consider what the result will be of her Muslim immigration program, as well as, how their lifestyle has become infinitely more acceptable in Christian countries where no one, repeat no one, believes homosexual behavior should be punishable by death.  Except of course, Muslims.