Florida Federation of Republican Women Endorse Donald Trump For President

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media won’t report this because it doesn’t fit their narrative that the women’s vote is all for Hillary, but here it is, and they’re not with her.  Not only that but the Florida Federation of Republican Women is the largest political organization in the State of Florida.

The organization’s membership dwarfs that of Florida’s National Organization for Women, the radical leftist backers of Hillary Clinton.

As Naomi Schaefer Riley opined in yesterday’s New York Post women no longer see themselves as an oppressed minority.

Riley writes:

“Surveys consistently show that women, especially with young children, want to work part-time more than they want to work full-time. The same isn’t true for men. Indeed, more women work full-time than want to.

“This means that, presumably, for many women achieving their career ambitions would mean working less, not being promoted to the corner office.

“There’s little evidence women are the victims of systematic discrimination these days. The so-called wage gap is largely a myth. Women who choose the same jobs and make the same life decisions as men — that is, the ones who are childless and don’t take time off or work shorter hours to accommodate kids — earn what men do.”

Donald Trump’s organization has a long history of promoting women on merit and respecting the decisions of women who choose to blend their careers with raising their families.

This was not lost on the Florida Federation of Republican Women who believe all women should be free to pursue their lives in the many varied ways that they deem appropriate for themselves, unlike the radical leftists who believe as Hillary Clinton does that women who do not toe the feminist line are traitors to other women.

Clinton predecessor as Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who now serves as a surrogate to her, made that crystal clear recently when she warned all women that “There’s a special place in hell for women” who don’t vote for Hillary.

Florida’s largest political organization comprise of women have rejected her hateful message in a move that signals true freedom for all women.