Flags at DNC Signal Hillary’s New Democratic Party

ELDER PATRIOT – Despite heavy criticism after Monday’s opening night when not a single American flag could be found anywhere inside or outside the arena that is serving as the home for the Democratic National Convention, there were still no American flags to be found yesterday.  This speaks to Hillary’s resolve to disavow the American heritage of self-reliance and the independence of the individual.

In stark contrast, the Russian flag was prominently on display outside the arena by the Democrat’s rank and file, however, proving that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Beginning in the late 1950’s, and continuing on until Ronald Reagan finally defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War without firing a shot, Democrats embraced the mantra, “Better red than dead.”  It was an expression that exclaimed the Left’s willingness to surrender their freedoms for what they hoped would increase their safety rather than to dig in and defend their freedoms at whatever cost necessary.


Thankfully, Americans awoke in time to elect Ronald Reagan and by the time Reagan left the presidency, we had reaffirmed our freedoms and had accomplished “peace through strength.”  In the process over 200,000,000 Eastern European people had had been freed from Soviet oppression, as well.

Hillary Clinton came of age during the tumultuous ‘60’s and embraced the same policy of acquiescing to those who threaten our country as her peers of the 1960’s did.  This explains, why after six years as Secretary of State, the Chinese are extending their claims in the South China Sea, the Russians are sabre rattling in the Baltics, and South America has lurched further to the left than at anytime in the past three and a half decades.  Appeasement comes at a cost, something that Hillary, for all of her experience, has never learned, or perhaps never wanted to learn.

But Mrs. Clinton’s fear of engaging America’s enemies now extends even further to the Middle East.  Her handling of the growing threats emanating from that region of the world has been abysmal.  Frankly, if she had done nothing during her term we would be better off today.  Military incursions into Syria and Libya, and the Iran nuclear deal have only added to the threats Americans now face abroad and within their own communities.    

Sadly, for all of her experience, Mrs. Clinton leaves a legacy better suited to run for foreign minister of China, Russia or the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Now more than at anytime in the party’s past the Democrats have cast aside all pretense that they are a party of and for Americans.  Their convention has been a parade of third world immigrants both legal and illegal who find Americanism and the American flag to be offensive so that no American flags are to be seen…anywhere.

Now more than at anytime in the party’s past the Democrats have cast aside all pretense that they ever embraced capitalism and the opportunity that it provided to everyone involved in the meteoric growth of the United States.  The entire agenda of this convention is focused on promoting the benefits of government dependence. 

After two days in the spotlight, Hillary’s Democrats are looking more and more like a socialist front group with a lot of slick talkers on the stage, lapdog sycophants in the audience, and malcontents who are demanding a free ride on the backs of others on the streets. 

It’s time for Americans to go back to work to pursue their dreams and not ask others to provide a meager existence for them.  It’s time for a president that promises to grow the economy and put everybody back to work,


The time has past for presidents that promise to grow government for the benefit of the malcontents and foreigners looking for a handout.