First Indictment Handed Down: House of Clinton in Peril

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media has become nothing more than a “protect the Clinton swamp” propaganda operation.  The MSM makes bold accusations – using both conflation and outright lies – against President Trump at key times to derail his populist agenda and when proven wrong simply moves on to spewing more accusations backed by more lies through its trillion-dollar megaphone.

First it was “Russia, Russia, Russia.”  Then it was confirmed that Trump had nothing to do with Russian involvement in our elections and that Obama knew about Russia’s hacking more than two years before the 2016 election.  The media simply moved on to their next series of lies about Donald Trump.  No retractions were forthcoming and no effort was made to pick up the trail “wherever it may lead.”

Next, after President Trump figured out that F.B.I. Director Jim Comey had been protecting the Clinton crime syndicate and was committed to continuing to do so, Trump fired him and the MSM megaphone shouted charges of obstruction of justice.  This led to the appointment of a special counsel who was committed to following his investigation “wherever it may lead” as long as it didn’t lead to the Clintons.

That explains why Mueller staffed his investigative team with Clinton acolytes and lawyers and the F.B.I. agent who was intimately involved in the Clinton email investigation.  The Clinton defense has been established and the F.B.I. agent has left Mueller’s group without comment from either Mueller or the agent.

The MSM has shown no desire to follow the trail “wherever it may lead.”

After coming up empty twice the MSM has focused its megaphone on a staged confrontation between those who would destroy our history and those who wanted to protect it.  Already we are witnessing the MSM’s refusal to follow the trail “wherever it may lead.  Instead they are focused on which of the two contrived factions is more despicable.

Lies, lies, and more lies all with hopes of ending the presidency of Donald Trump.

All of this explains why the MSM is largely ignoring the fact that a 4-count indictment has been handed down Imran Awan who had served as Florida Congresswoman and former DNC head Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s “trusted IT” aide. Where is the MSM on this story?  Here’s our headline from July 25th three and a weeks ago: A.G. Sessions Begins Draining the Swamp: Targets Clinton Underlings’ IT Staffer

The 4-counts against Awan represent an expansion from the single bank fraud count in the original indictment. 

Tellingly, even after the Awan brothers’ seditious activities had been exposed and they were barred from the IT network, Wasserman Schultz continued overpaying Awan until his arrest.  What does he have on her?  Hmm?

Significantly, Awan’s wife Hina Alvi was also indicted Thursday.  This signals that Sessions won’t be content with a single scalp.  It also means it won’t be long before his brothers and other family members are indicted, as well.  Because they hold no allegiance to Hillary Clinton or to Wasserman Schultz it is highly likely that they will bargain information for reduced sentences.

The results of this investigation are about to begin uncovering wide-ranging unlawful activity including violations of the Espionage Act and murder.  As early as October 16, 2016 we felt confident enough to conclude that Seth Rich had been murdered to silence him.

This is the first break in finally bringing the Clinton crime syndicate to justice.  The Clintons ran the greatest RICO operation ever conceived – one that defrauded not only the taxpayers in the United States but people around the world.

And it took the new sheriff in town to get the job done.  Soon we will all know why the MSM and the entire D.C. establishment are aligned against President Trump?