Feckless Senator More Concerned With Protecting Mexicans Than Arizonans

ELDER PATRIOT – Arizona’s junior Senator Jeff Flake appeared on CBS’ “Face the Nation’ this morning and called for America’s capitulation to Hispanics who are in our country illegally.

Host John Dickerson asked Flake if there, “Is there any chance that Hillary Clinton could win in Arizona?”

When the feckless Republican answered he exposed a broader concern for the illegal Hispanic community than for the millions of Arizonans who elected him:

“In 1996 Bill Clinton won in Arizona, so it’s possible. Hispanic population here is about 33%. The voting population of Hispanics isn’t as large, but it’s growing. And the poll shows increased urgency among Hispanics to vote. If they do, it will be a changed ballgame here. We in Arizona realize that we have to have meaningful immigration reform. You can’t just throw platitudes out about a wall or Mexico paying for it and be taken seriously here. I think yes, he does have to change his positions and be a more serious candidate.”

Flake is one of the RINO senators who helped create our immigration problems and now he’s fighting Donald Trump’s efforts to restore Constitutional sanity to the chaos that surrounds our border control efforts with every opportunity he’s given.

Here’s a solution Senator, why not simply offer the state of Arizona to Mexico?  The rest of America could proceed with protecting its borders, its economy, and its culture.  And, the Hispanics in Arizona – legal or illegal – can be free to vote for open borders and Venezuelan style socialism.