FBI Revolts Against Comey

ELDER PATRIOT – The FBI’s 108 year-long stellar reputation for uncompromised investigations has been sullied by, who else, the Clintons who corrupt everything they come in contact with.  So say veteran FBI agents who are disgusted with Director James Comey for knuckling under to the demands and conditions of Clinton’s aides prior to agreeing to them handing over evidence and/or being deposed in the investigation into the contents of Mrs. Clinton’s official emails.

Multiple retired agents who have been briefed on the matter have come forth to make it known just how corrupted Comey has allowed the FBI to become.

Dennis Hughes headed the FBI’s computer investigations unit at its inception.  Hughes said: “In my 25 years with the bureau, I never had any ground rules in my interviews.”  Yet, in this case there were plenty.

Comey granted immunity to everyone surrounding Mrs. Clinton who had knowledge of her emails except Hillary, herself!  This is unheard of for veteran investigators who use grand jury leverage to seize evidence and to compel testimony by threatening further implication and penalties in the criminal activity under investigation.

In this case everyone was given immunity as a pre-condition for turning over their laptops to the FBI.  Then the FBI destroyed those laptops so that the investigation ended when Comey said it did.

Unbelievably, Comey agreed to prevent agents from seeing Clinton’s chief of staff Cheryl Mills’ laptop that she used to communicate with the administrator of Hillary’s server and through which she sent the orders to destroy the emails after subpoenas had been issued to preserve and protect the contents.

Shockingly, this decision by Comey made the FBI complicit in the destruction of evidence and it has agents enraged.

Agent Michael Biasello charged that, “Comey has singlehandedly ruined the reputation of the organization.”  He went on to add, that Comey’s deals with the Clinton’s aides were “unprecedented” forcing him to conclude that the “outcome was by design.”

Agent Basiello explained that, “Each month for 27 years, I received oral and computer admonishments concerning the proper protocol for handling top secret and other classified material, and was informed of the harsh penalties, to include prosecution and incarceration. Had myself or my colleagues engaged in behavior of the magnitude of Hillary Clinton, as described by Comey, we would be serving time in Leavenworth.”

Now retired, agent I.C. Smith has been investigating the Clintons since their days in Little Rock.  Smith suggested the only way to get to the bottom of Comey’s participation in what amounted to a conspiracy to protect Hillary Clinton is for Congress to subpoena the agents who were involved and who were handcuffed by Comey’s directives.  Smith believes that their testimony directed under oath would be revealing.

Regardless, Secretary of State Clinton and her lawyers who knew the laws as well as anyone were allowed to walk without penalty.

Worse, our single most revered investigative unit was politicized and corrupted at the very top of its organizational chart causing morale among its agents to plummet to an all-time low.

Comey recently referred to himself as a “deeply flawed” person.  He was right. 

It’s now crystal clear that the depth of the Clinton’s continued corruption of every agency within our government in furtherance of her criminal activities can only be stopped by the voters.