FBI Expands Clinton Investigation to President Obama’s Impeachable Lies

ELDER PATRIOT The stench in Washington that follows Hillary Clinton everywhere she goes is now known to have infested President Obama.

When news first broke of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server Obama was asked when he first learned of it?  Obama told the New York Times he only learned of it when the media reported on its existence like the rest of us.  That led the Times to run this headline: “Obama Says He Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton Was Using Private Email Address.”

Obama then went on national TV to repeat his lies and mischaracterization of the felonies that had been committed by Mrs. Clinton.  In the process he implicated himself.

Now we know that Obama was lying because he had been communicating with her through her unauthorized email account.  When confronted with this fact Obama first claimed that he had given her permission to do so.  Confronted with the stupidity of that comment he immediately backtracked and told Attorney General Loretta Lynch to conduct an investigation that would be intended to go sideways and would exonerate Mrs. Clinton – and by extension the president.

Now we have proof of Obama’s deeper involvement courtesy of an email exchange between high-ranking Clinton operatives Philippe Reines and Jennifer Palmieri that reveals their concern over the false narrative the president had embarked on.


The email chain in question included two of the most powerful Clinton allies, John Podesta and Cheryl Mills and is evidence of collusion between Mrs. Clinton’s staff and the White House.

Reines initiated the chain when he wrote:

“I find it odd that the NYT didn’t actually quote the President saying what’s in their headline.  Especially since the story has a disbelieving tone to his not noticing.  One of us should connect with the WH just so they know that the email will show his email to not make sense…”

Palmieri responded:

“… They know POTUS and HRC emailed.  Josh (WH spokesman Josh Ernest) has been asked about that…and he said something like POTUS likely had better things to do than focus on his Cabinet’s email addresses.

Maybe the president does have better things to do than to check on his “trusted” advisors but once they violate that trust it becomes the president’s obligation to begin an investigation and not to begin alibiing for the violator.

This was Obama’s chance to come clean and admit he had never checked on Mrs. Clinton’s email address and to add that now that he knew about it he was going to appoint a special prosecutor to learn the extent of any potential breaches of national security…or any other unlawful purposes for which it was employed that we now have learned is extensive.

Because the president chose to lie about his involvement rather than to publicly rebuke Mrs. Clinton and begin an investigation, his motivations can be fairly called into question. 

This is the same scenario that surrounded Richard Nixon and that eventually led to his resignation.  The difference here is the cover up far exceeds a break-in at the offices of his opposition party – it involves multiple violations of the Espionage Act by the entire leadership of Obama’s State Department. 

Similarly disproportionate is the contents of Mrs. Clinton’s 33,000 deleted emails that the president doesn’t believe it worth pursuing and that very likely will prove the pay-to-play scheme between the Clinton Foundation and her role as Secretary of State where she peddled influence in return for massive “donations.”

The question that must be answered is why would Obama defend Mrs. Clinton’s felonious behavior if he himself had nothing to hide?  What is the president hiding?