Fawning Media Refuses to Report that NY Governor Cuomo Has Used the Coronavirus Pandemic to Score Political Points… and Little Else

Perhaps the most brilliant move President Trump made, in a string of brilliant moves since he took office, was to engage the mainstream media as the enemy.   

He hammered them early and often… and it is now paying dividends.

A Gallup poll released Wednesday shows the American people approve of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic +22%.  The media? Not so much -11%  

No wonder they want a blackout on President Trump’s press conferences… the people like what they’re hearing from Trump and his team leaving the media unable to craft their negative narratives in an effective manner.

Realizing that they won’t be able to pull the cognitively impaired Joe Biden across the finish line it seems the establishment’s legacy media have turned their attention to promoting New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo is proving to be a polished politician.  That’s not meant to be a compliment. He’s mastered the art of saying things so that listeners hear what they want to hear.

For his constituents…

What Democrats hear is a man who is fighting for them.  That’s a good thing and I believe he’s doing that as best he can.

What I hear is a politician who is putting unrealistic expectations on FEMA and is blaming others for his own maladministration.  And, that New York is the only state that matters.

During the full presser, Gov. Cuomo explained N.Y. state’s immediate need for ventilators.  It ain’t 30,000 ventilators… not even close.

The governor stated himself that less than 800 patients were in ICU units in NY State where ventilators are necessary and he had over 300 ventilators.  Patients in his state have an immediate need for over 400 ventilators.

It was only the day before when President Trump and Attorney General William Barr announced that they would be taking action against hoarders because medical supplies were in short supply and in need of rationing.  It appears that Gov. Cuomo ignored that briefing to score political points with his constituents.

Back in 2015, under Gov. Cuomo’s watch the New York State Department of Health warned about the need for ventilators when a pandemic hit their state.

Governor Cuomo didn’t order them after his state health commissioner at the time, Howard Zucker, recommended that the state not purchase the 16,000 ventilators because there weren’t enough doctors and medical personnel to operate them. 

Cuomo had 5 years to train, at most, a few thousand New Yorkers.  He didn’t.

Why blame President Trump now when government guidelines are clear that this is Cuomo’s responsibility?

From FEMA.gov’s biological incident annex:

State, tribal, territorial, and local governments are primarily responsible for detecting and responding to disease outbreaks and implementing measures to minimize the health, social, and economic consequences of such an outbreak.

From CDC.gov:

“HHS serves as the Federal Government’s primary agency for the public health and medical preparation and planning for and response to a biological terrorism attack or naturally occurring outbreak that results from either a known or novel pathogen, including an emerging infectious disease. State, local, and tribal governments are primarily responsible for detecting and responding to disease outbreaks and implementing measures to minimize the health, social, and economic consequences of such an outbreak.”6

Cuomo’s problem is that he presides over the state with the largest total of COVID-19 cases… by a multiple of 8 over the state with the next most infected persons.  He’s blind to the fact that we live in a big, diverse country. New Yorkers are famous for this…

So when Cuomo denounced Trump for a lack of “national leadership,” and accused the Trump administration of inadequately centralizing the country’s efforts, during a March 16th presser, it rang hollow. 

Cuomo, called for a one-size-fits-all standard without regard for states experiencing very low levels of infection.

Cuomo doesn’t seem to get that Trump is president of the entire country.  Or, he does, and he’s hoping that Trump won’t order a quarantine of New York which has emerged as the epicenter of the pandemic.

Why are New Yorkers allowed to flee to Florida and other states when it’s a mathematical certainty that at least some of them will be bringing the virus with them, either knowingly or unknowingly? 

President Trump realizes that New York is in the midst of a major health crisis but there’s a much larger country looking to him for guidance and they should not be “punished” with a one size fits all edict… At today’s presser he announced plans for a county by county advisory: 

(Breitbart) “This is what we envision: Our expanded testing capabilities will quickly enable us to publish criteria, developed in close coordination with the Nation’s public health officials and scientists to help classify counties with respect to continued risks posed by the virus,” Trump wrote.

Each county would get a federal category of “high-risk,” “medium risk” and “low risk,” Trump wrote, using data-driven criteria that would be used to develop further government guidelines.

The new plan suggests that the president is eager to loosen the restrictions on certain areas of the country to allow some Americans to return to normal life.