Faux Bombs Targeting Dems: For Obama and His Sycophants No Stunt Beneath Them

Elder Patriot – The rank and file on both sides of the political spectrum are hoping that they can somehow pin the criminal insanity of the maker of the bombs, ostensibly targeting President Trump’s political opponents, on the opposition’s entire movement.  This, of course, is nonsense.

No psychotic person or small group of psychotic murderers define either party.  If they did Obama and Clinton would be held to account for Black Lives Matter.

Now if the bombs can be tied back to the leadership – or the aligned entrenched interests of the leadership – of either movement, that changes everything.

Therein lies the distinct possibility (probability) that forces aligned with the anti-Trump movement are behind the bombs and the media narrative that exploded almost immediately upon the announcement that the first couple of bombs had been discovered.

First, President Trump has no need to target those who received the bombs.  The president is smart enough to know that Hillary, Maxine Waters, and Obama are the gifts that keep on giving.  And, if he wanted to hurt them (and former CIA Director Brennan) he could drop the bomb of declassification at anytime.

If anything, the power Trump holds over them because of their past criminal behavior provides them with motive for planting these bombs.

Add to that the fact that the “bombs” were never intended to detonate and something begins to smell.  According to the WashingtonExaminer none of the explosive devices thus far sent were able to detonate.”

These were faux bombs purposed for political effect, only.  It’s hard to envision any Trump operative believing that with Republican candidates surging across the country, this would help the president or his party heading into the midterms.

On the other hand, Democrats have been growing more and more desperate as their October surprise, the invading migrant caravan, played right into President Trump’s sweet zone on border security – voters have not wavered on their support for Trump’s stance on strong border enforcement.

The bombs, real or not, changes that narrative if only for a few days.

While we wait for the evidence to tell us who was behind these bombs remember this tweet from David Plouffe, the man generally credited as the architect of the first Obama campaign.

Read that slowly.  Well-meaning men must never be allowed to become POTUS again.  Only the corrupt need apply.

There seems to be literally no limit to the corrupt mechanisms Plouffe’s man, America’s Manchurian president, was unwilling to employ to destroy the United States and the man who promised to make America great again.

During the campaign candidate Trump made it very clear who he would be targeting and it was as close to a who’s who within Obama’s sphere of influence, than it was not.

To prevent Trump from undoing his criminal construct and exposing Hussein’s treason, Obama reacted like the corrupt bitch that he is likely being the one who ordered Brennan to begin collaborating with Britain’s MI6, GCHQ, Joseph Mifsud, Australia’s Alexander Downer, Hillary Clinton operatives, dozens of FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department employees, demanding the complicity of the FISA judges, seven members of the Gang of Eight, and his allies in the leftist conspiratorial mainstream media to convince Americans that Donald Trump was a Russian operative.

After Obama weaponized virtually every agency under his control, to be mobilized against what he viewed as his political enemies, nothing else should be surprising.

And since the campaign of Donald Trump, violence has become a political tool for the left.

There’s also this to consider.  Despite more than a dozen firings of high level DOJ and FBI officials, we still haven’t heard of any rank and file agents turning whistleblower.  There can only be one reason for this, enough corrupt people remain in positions of power that they are afraid to come forward.

Hmm.  Enter Robert Mueller who, by the power vested in him by corrupt DAG Rod Rosenstein, may be the second most powerful man in Washington after the president.

And, Mueller, has a history of destroying people with little or no evidence.  The only man Mueller answers to is Rod Rosenstein. Rosenstein served as a compliant soldier in the Obama crime family burying evidence of Russian involvement in a global bribery scheme that included kickbacks and money laundering, extortion and bribery.  That should’ve put an end to any discussions of selling Uranium to Russia but it didn’t.

That may be more than enough incentive for the good agents who will be investigating these bombs to give Rosenstein the answers he want