Farewell Ross Perot 1930-2019

Elder Patriot – Two-time, self-funded, presidential candidate Ross Perot died yesterday following a five-month battle with leukemia.  He had recently turned 89.

Perot was the original Donald Trump – a billionaire who put his life on hold and put his money where his heart was to run for office to defend America’s blue-collar workers. 

Former Reagan White House Political Director Ed Rollins co-managed Perot’s 1992 presidential campaign.  

Rollins compared Perot to another outsider who he also supported – Donald J. Trump.

Like Trump, Perot had a deep disdain for Washington’s media.  Perot was also stridently opposed to NAFTA – the first of the alleged “free trade” deals that he realized had been designed to exfiltrate the jobs and wealth of ordinary Americans.

From Fox News:

…Perot ran as a billionaire populist against the Republican establishment. His focus on the North American Free Trade Agreement – rather than the national debt – and his use of cable news for laying out his agenda were both familiar elements of Trump’s campaign.

As Democratic strategist James Carville put it in a 2016 podcast: “If Donald Trump is the Jesus of the disenchanted, displaced non-college white voter, then Perot was the John the Baptist of that sort of movement.”

Whether you agreed with his politics or not, his willingness to put himself second to America’s working men and women is laudable.

America lost a great patriot.

R.I.P. Ross Perot