Fans Take Notice of Players’ Gross Hypocrisy… NBA Ratings Crash By 23% on ABC… Woke League Deserted By Fans Who Don’t Want to Be Lectured by Hypocrites

The first rule of business is to respect your customers.  The social justice warriors of the NBA could use a lesson in the first rule.

Viewership on ABC is down 23 percent and the numbers are down 20 percent overall compared to the 2019 playoffs, we believe in large part due to the disrespect the NBA players have shown to hard working and patriotic Americans.

That translates to less money in the league’s kitty… and less money for the players.

The NBA would like to shrug it off as a result of the pandemic but with ratings already falling prior to the lockdown, and with more eyeballs at home as a result of the shutdown, that dog don’t hunt.

NBC Sports reported that its hockey ratings were up 39%.  ESPN reported that the network’s baseball viewership was up 29%

The fact is Americans were already put off by the league’s allegiance to the wishes of the Communist Chinese Party following the reaction to last year’s tweet by Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey in response to the CCP’s takeover of Hong Kong…

“Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong.”

The ChiComs reacted with a predictable heavy hand – they threatened withdrawing the $1.5 billion they pay for NBA streaming rights…

LeBron James, the face of the NBA, made his – and the majority of the league’s influencers and decision-makers – known…

The sanctimonious James ignored his own declaration from nearly two years prior…

Millions of Hong Kongers losing their freedoms and coming under Communist rule that LeBron chose to ignore when it came to his pocketbook… LeBron reacted just like the slave owners in the American south did when it came to their money.  He’s even supporting those fomenting a civil war.

What’s that you say?  The Hong Kongers are not slaves?  That’s according to how define the word.

But the NBA can’t hide from this…  One million Uyghurs are – current day slave laborers – and LeBron ignored their torment, as well. 

So pardon Americans who are tuning out after being lectured by the self-righteous multi-millionaires whose sole contribution to society is… ?